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Informative article from that explores how to approach mass retail buyers. To Get Retail Buyers on Your Side

Informational article from Fair Trade Resource Network that explores 8 ways to get retail buyers on your side. To Pitch Your Product To A Retail Buyer

Informative article from that talks about the best approaches to pitching your product to retail buyers. To Sell To Walmart & Other Chain Retailers

Video from Product for Profit that discusses how to sell your products to Walmart and other chain retailers. Mart

LA Mart is the West Coast’s pre-eminent shopping destination for retailers and designers, featuring decorative accessories and home furnishings. Report on Retailers

For over 35 years the Monday Report on Retailers has been a weekly source of news on the expansion plans of retailers across Canada. Their weekly newsletter is delivered directly to your inbox. Chain Store Guide

The Chain Store Guide is a company that basically sells buyer’s names and contact information. They probably have the most comprehensive list of buyer’s names, however, access to this information is quite expensive. Although pricey, purchasing one of their comprehensive lists will save you a tremendous amount of time and headache! Cost is anywhere from $200 to $1000 for a list depending on what form you choose (ie book form vs.… Salesman

The Salesman’s Guide is a great resource for getting access to a buyer’s contact information. This company sells buyer’s name and contact information based on category. Cost varies, but starts around $200.

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