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Links from to help you decide what to name your business. A Business –

Links from to informational articles that give advice on how to name your business. your Business – Article
http://www.nathlaw.comNath, Goldberg & Meyer Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political
spheres of power worldwide. Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

The National Federation of Independent Business is a nonprofit
advocacy organization dedicated to assisting small and independent
businesses. Their mission is to promote and protect the right of
their members to own, operate, and grow their businesses.
Membership for a fee. Innovation Association

Our Mission is to inspire innovation in our youth. We are accomplishing this by bringing a comprehensive curriculum and training program focused on invention, patenting, and monetizing into the public-school system.  We want the next generation to have the foundation and confidence they need to become innovators. Inventor Fraud Center

Michael S. Neustel, a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney, founded the National Inventor Fraud Center, Inc. (NIFC) with the goal to provide information to consumers about invention promotion companies and how people can market their ideas.  Many inventors do not realize that some invention marketing companies charge thousands of dollars, yet have success rates of 0.00%. … Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (NMSDC)

The NMSDC provides a direct line between corporate America and minority owned businesses. This is a membership organization. Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)

NSPE is a national organization dedicated to addressing the
professional concerns of licensed professional engineers across all
disciplines. Their membership consists of approximately 45,000
professional engineers.

https://nvca.orgNational Venture Capital Association

Venture capitalists are committed to funding America’s most innovative entrepreneurs and working alongside them to transform breakthrough ideas into emerging growth companies that drive U.S. job creation and economic growth.

https://research.ncsu.eduNC State University

NC State University is a research powerhouse and a powerful economic engine for North Carolina. The Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures (OTCNV) plays a crucial role in this by protecting and promoting University research discoveries and intellectual property, working with and guiding industry partners, and promoting the acceleration of startups. We’re driving economic growth by facilitating the commercialization of research discoveries. Hammock
http://www.nediahome.comNedia Home
http://www.nelsonline.comNelson Line
(856) 778-4801 Suite Financial Software

Financial Software Product Development: From Initial Idea to Product Management – Marc Annacchino

Link to’s page where you can read about Marc Annacchino’s book, New Product Development: From Initial Idea to Product Management. Level Apparel
(310) 631-4955
http://www.amconservationgroup.comNiagara Conservation Corp.
888-513-3005 Sights

To sustain one‘s competitive advantage, a company needs to reduce development times and often that means finding solution from outside the company in other fields. Innovation Contests enable a sponsoring company to quickly identify a community of innovators who can focus on their specific technology challenge and provide solutions that can be acted upon, including working prototypes.

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