Welcome to America’s Inventors Group – IGA’s Inventors Online

IGA’s Inventors Online is the first virtual inventors group. Our goal is to Educate through leadership and guidance from leading industry experts, Empower you with trustworthy resources you need to succeed, and give you the Experience you have been waiting for in the product commercialization world. Our virtual inventors group provides a place to connect, share, educate, and inspire inventors across the nation.

Inventors Online meetings take place once a month, and they are designed to give you resources, pathways, leadership, and guidance. You will get an opportunity to talk to your peers, ask questions, and get advice and help from guest experts. Registration and attendance are always free for all IGA members.


With a rotation through these three different types of meeting, get ready for the ride of your life!

Presentation – During our Inventors Online Presentations, our guest speaker will have insightful slides to give you straight to the point information you can takeaway.

Workshop – During Workshops, our guest speaker will walk you through how to do something, live! With interactive audience participation, a demonstration helps put you in the hot seat, so you can use the knowledge with your own journey!

Fireside Chat – Our Fireside Chats allow our audience to get up close and personal with a personal conversation from our guest speaker, with a lot of Q & A with our audience! Meet and talk with very successful people, pick their brain , and form connections!

2024 Inventors Online!

January 31st — How To Pick An Idea That Makes Money

February 28th — Leveraging AI Tools For Inventors With Maxwell Salvant

March 27th — How To Use Design Patents To Get A Licensing Deal

April 24th — From Selling on QVC & HSN to Home Depot — Learn How Mike Did It

How to be a part of the monthly meetings?

1. Become a member of IGA
2. Look out for our email with the Zoom link to join.
3. Click on the link early to be 1 of the 500 who can join!

Note: With a max of 500, please show up early to ensure you are able to join in on the discussion. If our meeting maxes out, we apologize for the inconvenience.


Most Meetings are Held Wednesdays

at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern


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Terms: By joining this meeting, you agree to the following terms:

  • This meeting will be recorded. By signing up for any and all Inventors Online Meetings, you permit IGA to take screenshots and videos of meetings for internal and public purposes.
  • Please be respectful of everyone. You will be removed from the meeting if you are not professional throughout the meeting.
  • No soliciting, advertising your own service or product, spamming the chat box, or going off topic. Do not disclose anything including your product or product idea that isn’t already public information.
  • IGA does not give legal advice.
  • The amount of time each person can talk will be limited. When appropriate, a red card will be held up to state that your time is up. Please be respectful of your time given.
  • Please stay muted, and avoid talking over another participant.
  • Please turn on your video if you are able to. It is not required, but to create an interactive online inventing community, we would appreciate you leaving your video on.

Past 2023 Inventors Online Meetings

January 25th — Licensing & Manufacturing At The Same Time — Internationally

February 22nd — Behind the Scenes with a Former Patent Examiner

March  29th — Do you have the next QVC hit? Meet Tom Czar, MediaOne Products President & Cofounder

April 26th — ChatGPT, AI Art, & the Magical Powers of AI for Product Development

May 31st — Catching Up With Director Vidal

June 28th — Learn How To License Products From An Expert

July 26th — Succesful Pitching: Strategies For Winning Over Companies With Your Ideas!

August 30th — Discover How Keanu Licensed 40+ Ideas With This One Tool!

September — No Meeting

October 25th — 10 Rules You Must Break to Become Successful at Product Licensing Today

November 29th — Learn How To Sell Your Ideas From Successful Inventors!

December — No meeting

Past 2022 Inventors Online Meetings

January 26th — Have a New Invention Idea – Now What? With Marc Portney, Stephen Key, and Andrew Krauss.

February 23rd — Learn How to Become a Successful Toy Inventor, with Ed Gartin, Azhelle Wade, and April Mitchell!

March 30th — How to make your sell sheet POP with augmented reality, with Courtney Laschkewitsch!
April 27th —  AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Stephen Key!
May 25th —  Meet Keith Chapman, Creator of Paw Patrol & Bob the Builder!
June 29th —  Raising Inventors – Tips & advice from successful young entrepreneurs.
July 27th — Meet Kathi Vidal, the new Director of the USPTO!
August 31st — Pitching Tips & Strategies that will up your chances of licensing success, with Courtney Laschkewitsch

September — No meeting

October 26th: What to Expect After You File a Patent Application feat. Patent Trial and Appeal Board members

November 30th — Meet Dr. Schrag, Program Director for the National Science Foundation’s SBIR and STTR programs

December — No meeting

Past 2021 Inventors Online Meetings

January 27th — Should you Venture or License your idea, with Dimitry Boss!

February 24th — Learn How to Create Revenue Generating Inventions, with Andy Barkin and Terry O’Mara!

March 31st — From Zero to Business: How Marc Portney took 3 Products to Market!

April 14th  — Become a Pitching Master and Get Interest Fast, with Ed Gartin!

May 26th — Learn the right way to pitch using LinkedIn and overcome your fear of pitching, with Benjamin Harrison & Justin Aquino!

June 19th — What value do patents offer to independent inventors today? Featuring Special Guest Andrei Iancu – Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office from 2017 until January 2021

July 28th — Breaking into the Pet Industry, & How to Go Pro, with Amanda Hutton!

August 25th — How to Make a Virtual Prototype that Lands you a Licensing Deal, with Courtney Laschkewitsch!

September 29th — How to stand out in a sea of sell sheets, with Courtney Laschkewitsch!

October 27th — How to sell your product in Walmart, with Angela Grayson!

November 24th — The right way to approach licensees, with Ryan Diez and Benjamin Harrison!

December 8th — Don’t let these barriers stop you from inventing in 2022, with Andrew Krauss and Courtney Laschkewitsch!

Past 2020 Inventors Online Meetings

May – Coronavirus and Innovation: Inventor Advice, with Stephen Key.

June – How to come up with an idea that will be licensed for DRTV, with Trish Dowling.

July – What it takes to be a toy inventor, and how to come up with ideas, with Azhelle Wade!

August – Q & A with Elizabeth Dougherty, the Eastern Regional Outreach Director of the USPTO 

September – The Biggest Mistakes I’ve Ever Made, with Stephen Key.

October – How to get Publicity for your product, with Christina Daves!

November – How to negotiate a licensing deal. What could go wrong?! With Noah Harfouch.

December – How to pitch a toy or game and land a licensing deal, with April Mitchell!