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IGA Educational Webinar Series

Our members-only webinars took place monthly in 2019 and 2020 and features different successful inventors, industry experts, educators, and executives to give you the information, tips, and insights you need to get ahead with your invention.

Featured Webinar Guests

Tariq Najee-ullah
Founders Legal - Patent Agent - Patent Drafting, Patent Research
Sarah Shaw
CEO of Entrepenette, and Celebrity Designer
Rick Kellow
Inventor of the GreatPlate
Paul Fatehi
Founder of Fintech IP - Prior Art Searcher, former Patent Examiner and Senior Patent Analyst
Michael Van Horst
Successful Inventor
Mary Couzin
Chicago Toy & Game Week - Founder and President
Lisa Lloyd
Past President of UIA - Founder of Inventor's Association of Arizona
Kenny Kiernan
Kenny Kiernan has been a toy industry illustrator for 20+ years and has completed many projects for Hasbro, Fisher-Price, Spin Master, Lego and other toy companies.
Ken Johnson
Inventor of famous card game, Phase 10 - Inventor, Author, Visionary Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker
Kedma Ough
Mt. Hood Community College - Innovation Director Statewide
Jonah White
Inventor of Billy Bob Teeth - Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Author
Jim DeBetta
DeBetta Enterprises - President
Jason Klug
CEO & Founder of Klugonyx Group LLC, Partner and Co-founder at Onyx360, CEO & Co-founder of Dorai Home, Mechanical Engineer, and Crowdfunding Expert
Jake Ward
Registered Patent Attorney & Founder of Ward Law Office LLC, a boutique law firm specializing in the practice of patent and trademark law.
Howie Busch
An Entrepreneur, Inventor, Advisor, and Attorney, Howie is the Founder & Dude-in-Chief of DudeRobe, where he created a cooler bathrobe and lounge wear for men, and appeared on Season 9 of ABC’s Shark Tank.
Dr. Konstantin Dolgan
Co-founder LA NPDT - Product Design, Development, and Marketing
Carrie Jeske
Will It Launch? - Principal Consultant
Blake Hodgson
Owner of KC Proto, has been helping local inventors for about 4 years to turn their ideas into products.
Benjamin Harrison
Creator of Smart Pitch- Getting into companies via LinkedIn - Entrepreneur, product developer, featured in publications ranging from Vintage Guitar Magazine to Inc.
April Mitchell
April Mitchell is the inventor of the Right Height adjustable over the door hook. She is a product developer in the housewares and toys/games industry. She is a teacher by trade and enjoys coaching others through the process of licensing products.

Past IGA Educational Webinars

2020 Webinar Dates

January 29th – How to bring your product to life from idea to store shelves with Mike Van Horst and his product, Push and Hang.

February 12th – A Shark Tank Contestant talks about the Art of the Pitch, with Howie Busch and his company, DudeRobe.

March 4th – Prototyping Tips and Tricks Every Inventor Must Know, with Blake Hodgson and April Mitchell.

April 1st – How to develop and manufacture a successful product from ground up through venturing, with Jason Klug.

May 6th – Creating Concept Art and Sell Sheet Illustrations with Kenny Kiernan.

June 3rd – How to get celebrities to promote your product, with Sarah Shaw.

July 1st – You Don’t Need A Patent If… with Jake Ward.

August 5th – How to produce a product that has a WOW factor, with Lisa Lloyd.

September 2nd — How to Sell your Invention on Amazon, with Rick Kellow.

October 7th — Understanding Your Patent Rights in 2020, with PTAB Judge Janet Gongola, Vice Chief for Engagement, PTAB Judge Kal Deshpande, and Michelle Armond, Litigator and Patent Attorney.

November 4th — How to Design a Winning Sell Sheet, with Kenny Kiernan!

December 2nd — How to Build the Right Prototype, with Onega Ulanova!


2019 Webinars – Scroll down to watch previous webinars!

March 6th —  Presenting your ideas to potential licensees with CoFounders Andrew Krauss and Stephen Key.

May 1st — The latest DRTV insider secrets for submitting your product ideas with Carrie Jeske from Will it Launch.

May 29th — Building prototypes with Dr. Konstantin Dolgan from LA New Product Development Team.

June 12th — Manufacturing your product idea and selling it to retailers with Jim DeBetta.

July 10th — How to raise money to launch your business with Kedma Ough.

July 31st — Learn how to be a toy inventor. Mary Couzin founder of ChiTAG – North America‘s largest non-hobby toy and game fair open to the public.

August 14th —  The Art & Science of Patent Searching — Learn about prior art searching with Paul Fatehi, Founder of Fintech IP and former Senior Patent Analyst.

September 4th — How to protect those ideas without spending a fortune with Patent Agent Tariq Najee-ullah.

October 2nd – How to market novelty products with inventor of World Famous Billy-Bob Teeth, Jonah White.

October 30th – Learn about the toy industry with inventor Ken Johnson, creator of the second best selling card game, Phase 10.

November 6th – How to get your ideas into companies without making dreaded cold calls with Benjamin Harrison.

December 4th – Learn what it takes to get on QVC and sell thousands with Rick Kellow and his product, The GreatPlate.

Past Webinar Recordings