IGA Group Leader Members

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Alan Beckley
Texas Inventor's Association - Past President
Alex Hobson
Inventors Association of Arizona - Board Member
Ata Etemadi
President - Austin Inventors and Entrepreneurs
Bob Hausslein
President - Inventors Association of New England
Bob Hawkinson
President - North Florida Inventors Group
Brian Fried
Long Island Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club - President
Calvin Flowers
President & Founder - Chicago Inventors Organziation
Christian Corley
Inventors Center of Kansas City - Board Member
Daniel Braisted
President - Vegas Inventors
David Woods
Vice President - Inventors Council of Central Florida
David Zedonis
Indiana Inventors Association - President
Diane Hemmert
Nevada Inventors Association - Board Member
Don Skaggs
President - Inventors Network Kentucky
Dr. David E Flinchbaugh
Founding Member - Inventors Council of Central Florida
Eric Huber
UIA - Board Member
Frank Morosky
President - Iowa Inventors Group
Gary Stecklein
President - Inventors Association of South Central Kansas
George Burkhardt
President - Alamo Inventors
Ian Alexandre
Inventors Council of Central Florida - President
Jackie Diaz
Founder - Inventors Council of Cincinnati
Jeffrey Dobkin
Emeritus President - American Society of Inventors
Joe Craig
Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association at Auburn University - President & Co-Founder
Joe Finkler
President - Michigan Inventors Coalition
John D. Hopkins
Chairman - Michigan Inventors Coalition
John Meyer
Inventors Center of Kansas City - President
Jon Roty
President - Jackson Inventors Network - Michigan
Keith Waters
President - Tennessee Inventors Association
Ken Roddy
President - Houston Inventors Association
Kris Paul
President - Inventors Network of the Capitol Area
Laura Myers
Executive Director - Inventors Association of Arizona
Leo Mazur
President - Inventors Society of South Florida
Lisa Lloyd
Past President of UIA - Founder of Inventor's Association of Arizona
Lucas Boring
President - Tucson Inventors Group
Mark Peterson
VP - Inventor Relations - Houston Inventors Association
Marty Sovis
President - Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan
Mary Kordyban
Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan - Secretary
Mary Moeller
Inventors Center of Kansas City - Past President
Mary ZumBrunnen
Board Member - Michigan Inventors Coalition
Matt Stieg
President - Edison Innovators Association, SWFL
Mike Spray
Nevada Inventors Association - Past Vice President / Patent Holders Forum Leader
Mike Turner
President - Columbus Phenix City Inventors Association
Ryan Gray
Board Member - Inventors Forum – Orange County
Sean Murphy
Inventors Center of Kansas City - Advisory Board
Shervin Ahmady
Founder - Southeastern Inventors Association
Steve Lyon
President - Inventors Network of Minnesota
Steven Chappell
Grand Rapids Inventors - President
Terry Sullivan
President - Southeastern Inventors Association
Wayne Rasanen
President - The Tampa Bay Inventors Council

IGA Advisory Board

Andrew Krauss
IGA Co-Founder & Moderator - Co-Founder, inventRight, LLC.
Courtney Laschkewitsch
IGA Managing Director & Successful Inventor
Gene Quinn
Founder, Attorney & Law Professor - IPWatchDog.com
Joe Finkler
President - Michigan Inventors Coalition
Louis Foreman
Founder & CEO - Enventys Partners
Stephen Key
IGA Co-Founder & Moderator - Co-Founder, inventRight, LLC