Inventors Groups of America – Educating and Empowering Inventor

What We Do

IGA is a group founded in 2017 by the leaders of the inventing community.  Our goal is two-fold: 1) we want to teach individuals how to best commercialize their product ideas, and 2) we want to strengthen and support inventor groups throughout the nation.

Ideas from individuals drive innovation.  Many inventors do not have the knowledge or tools to commercialize their products whether by starting their own business or licensing.

IGA provides inventors with resources, information, access and support.  Our website offers a place for inventors to learn and share.  Our monthly meetings provide guest speakers as well as a platform for members to ask questions, share suggestions, and get assistance from others in the group.  We offer best practices on the following topics:

  • Definitions of licensing and venturing terms
  • General information on various industries
  • Intellectual property strategies, particularly for those on a budget
  • Trade show listings
  • Steps for licensing product ideas gathered from experts
  • Tips on venturing from proven successful entrepreneurs
  • Directory of local and regional inventor organizations

Who We Are



Stephen Key – CoFounder IGA

Author, Speaker, Columnist, and Expert on licensing and intellectual property strategy

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science — Lemelson Invention Ambassador.
  • Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and Core77 columnist
  • Speaker/Guest Lecturer at leading universities worldwide
  • Author One Simple Idea – best selling book on licensing
  • CoFounder inventRight
    • Created largest free online library on the topic of licensing – – over 1 million visits per year
    • inventRight YouTube channel with over 300 free videos – 600,000 visits in 2017
    • Students in over 60 countries

Additional Information

  • Over 20 patents, defended patents in Federal Court
  • Licensed dozens of products sold in Walmart. 7-Eleven and Disney stores

Andrew Krauss – CoFounder IGA

Speaker and Expert on licensing

  • Former President of Bay Area Inventor’s Alliance
  • Advisor to White House on innovation
  • Speaker at USPTO, NPR’s Science Friday
  • Educating and mentoring inventors for over two decades
  • CoFounder inventRight
    • Created largest free online library on the topic of licensing – – over 1 million visits per year
    • inventRight YouTube channel with over 300 free videos – 600,000 visits in 2017
    • Students in over 60 countries

Gene Quinn – Advisory Board IGA

Author, Speaker and Expert on Patent Law and Innovation Policy

  • Founder and Editor of IP Watchdog started in 1999, top 100 legal blog, several times top IP blog
  • 2014 inducted into the ABA Blawg Hall of Fame after being the top law blog for the prior two years
  • 2017 recognized by IAM Magazine as one of the top IP strategists in the world

Additional Information

  • Teacher – university courses on patent law, claim drafting, copyright and trademark law
  • Civil litigator and patent attorney

Charles Sauer – Advisory Board IGA

Author, Speaker, Economist and Policy Specialist

  • Founder and President of The Market Institute
  • Author of Profit Motive – a best selling microeconomic book
  • Co-Director Inventors Project
    • 13,000 person newsletter
    • Numerous events each year both on Capitol Hill and around the country
  • Frequent contributor and columnist to The Weekly Standard and Washington Examiner
  • Frequent National Media appearances
    • Regular spot on the #9 Ranked Talk Radio Show
    • Regular spot on One America News’ Graham Ledger Show
  • Author for expert congressional testimony
  • Speech writer for politicians, business owners and academics

Louis Foreman   – Advisory Board IGA

Author, Speaker, Inventor, Expert on patent reform and intellectual property

  • Founder and CEO Enventys Partners, Edison Nation and Edison Nation Medical
  • Creator of Emmy Award winning “Everyday Edisons” PBS show
  • Elected in 2010 and now President of the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation (IPO)
  • Board member of The United Inventors Association.
  • Appointed by United States Secretary of Commerce to serve a 3-year term on the Patent Public Advisory Committee of the USPTO
  • Chairman of the Board of the James Dyson Foundation

Additional Information

  • Over 10 patents
  • Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Queen’s University and McColl School of Business

Adrian Pelkus   – Advisory Board IGA

Multiple Award Winning New Product Developer

  • Holds fifteen issued U.S. Patents
  • Developed over 300 different electronic products and high technology processes
  • Founder, CEO, COO and CTO of several tech startup companies including A Squared Technologies, Inc.
  • Reorganized San Diego Inventors Forum, now a 501(c)3
  • Entrepreneur in Residence at CONNECT
  • Board member of United Inventor Assocation
  • Board Member of US Inventor