List of independent inventor associations.

We pride ourselves to having the most current and updated list of independent inventor association’s across United States. Many associations keep up-to-date schedules of regularly occurring meetings and events for the local areas. Visit an individual Association’s website for more information.

The IGA does not necessarily endorse the views expressed or the facts presented on these sites and does not endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available on the sites.

If you would like to add your inventing association to this list please contact us here.

Use the map or list below to find your local inventor group.


The Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association at Auburn University

Contact: Joe Craig

Email: [email protected]


Inventors Association of Arizona – Phoenix

Email: [email protected]

Tucson Inventor Group

Contact: Lucas Boring – President

Email: [email protected]


Arkansas Inventors’ Network – Little Rock

Contact: (501) 247-6125

Email: [email protected]


Inventors Forum – Orange County

Contact: Mark Schnose – President

Email: [email protected]

Inventors Forum – San Diego

Contact: Adrian Pelkus – President

Email: [email protected]

Invention Accelerator Workshop

Contact: Greg Lauren-Wawrzyniak

Email: [email protected]


Rocky Mountain Inventors Association

Contact: Bonnie Griffin Kaake, President

Email: [email protected]


Inventors Association of Connecticut

Contact: Doug Lyon

Phone: (203) 254-4000 x3155

D.C. – District of Columbia

Inventors Network of the Capital Area

Contact: Kris Paul – President



Tampa Bay Inventors’ Council

Contact: Wayne Rasanen – President

Email: [email protected]

Inventors Society of South Florida – Delray Beach

Contact: Leo Mazur – President

Email: [email protected]

Inventors Council of Central Florida – Orlando

Contact: David Woods

Email: [email protected]

Ian Alexandre – President

Dr. David E Flinchbaugh – Founder

North Florida Inventors Group

Contact: Bob Hawkinson – President

Email: [email protected]

Edison Innovators Association – Fort Myers

Contact: Matt Stieg – President

Email: [email protected]


The Columbus Phenix City Inventors Association

Contact: Mike Turner – President

Email: [email protected]

Southeastern Inventors Association – Marietta

Contact: Terry Sullivan – President



Chicago Inventors Organization

Contact: Calvin Flowers – President

Email: [email protected]

Illinois Innovators & Inventors

Email: [email protected]


Fort Wayne Inventors Club

Contact: David Gross – President

Email: [email protected]

Indiana Inventors Association


Iowa Inventors Group – Cedar Rapids

Contact: Frank Morosky – President

Email: [email protected]


Inventor Center of Kansas City

Contact: Sean Murphy – CEO

Inventors Association of South Central Kansas – Wichita

Contact: Gary Stecklein – President

Email: [email protected]


Inventors Network Kentucky – Lexington

Contact: Don Skaggs – President

Email: [email protected]


Inventors Association of New England – Lexington & Cambridge

Contact: Bob Hausslein – President

Email: [email protected]


Michigan Inventors Coalition – Grand Rapids, Jackson, Lansing, Muskegon, Southfield, Statewide

Contact: Joe Finkler – President

Email: [email protected]

Jackson Inventors Network – JIN

Email: [email protected]

Contact: Jon Roty – President

Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan – Burton

Contact: Marty Sovis – President

Email: [email protected]

Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan – Flushing

Contact: Mike Ball – President

Email: [email protected]


Inventors’ Network – Minneapolis/St. Paul

Contact: Steve Lyon – President

Email: [email protected]


Mississippi SBDC Inventor Assistance

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: (662) 915-5001


Inventors Center of Kansas City


Contact: John Meyer – President

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 816-454-9954

Inventors Association of St. Louis (IASL)

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 913.322.1895

Southwest Missouri Inventors Network – Springfield

Contact: Jan Healzer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (417) 827-4498


Nevada Inventors Association – Reno

Contact: Mike Spray – Past Vice President

Email: [email protected]

Vegas Inventors

Contact: Daniel Braisted

Email: [email protected]

New Jersey

National Society of Inventors – Roselle Park

Contact: Stephen Shaw

New York

The Inventors Association of Manhattan (IAM)

Email: [email protected]

Inventors & Entrepreneurs of Suffolk County

Contact: Brian Fried

Email: [email protected]

North Carolina

Inventors’ Network of the Carolinas

Contact: [email protected]


Canton/Dayton Inventors Association

Email: [email protected]

Contact: 330.499.1262

Inventors Council of Cincinnati

Email: [email protected]

Contact: Jackie Diaz – Founder

Phone: 513.898.2110

Inventors Network (Columbus)

Contact: 614.470.0144

Youngstown – Warren Inventors Association

Contact: Frank Naypaver

Email: [email protected]


Oklahoma Inventors Congress

Contact: By Chapter


South Coast Inventors Group – North Bend

Contact: James Innes

Email: [email protected]


The American Society of Inventors

Contact: Jeffrey Dobkin

Email: [email protected]

Pittsburgh East Inventors Club

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 412-527-6921


Tennessee Inventors Association – Knoxville

Contact: Keith Waters

Email: [email protected]


Amarillo Inventors Association

Contact: (806) 367-8610

Email: [email protected]

Austin Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association

Contact: Ata Etemadi – President

Houston Inventors Association

Contact: Ken Roddy – President

Email: [email protected]

Texas Inventors Association – Plano

Contact: [email protected]

Alamo Inventors – San Antonio

Contact: George Burkhardt – President

Email: [email protected]


Utah Inventor Entrepreneurs – Salt Lake City


Virginia Innovators Network – Richmond

Contact: [email protected]


Juneau County Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club

Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club of Kenosha & Racine c/o Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce

Contact: [email protected]