Remote Speakers

Here is a list of speakers that make themselves available to the groups via Skype or Zoom.

Click on their photo to see their information and contact them to set up a date and time to remotely speak with your group.

Alex Hobson
Inventors Association of Arizona - Board Member
Andrew Krauss
IGA Co-Founder & Moderator - Co-Founder, inventRight, LLC.
Benjamin Harrison
Creator of Smart Pitch- Getting into companies via LinkedIn - Entrepreneur, product developer, featured in publications ranging from Vintage Guitar Magazine to Inc.
Chris Guerrera
Product Development Expert
Courtney Laschkewitsch
IGA Managing Director & Successful Inventor
Dana Knowles
Successful Inventor
Don Skaggs
President - Inventors Network Kentucky
James Sanchez
Successful Inventor
Kedma Ough
Mt. Hood Community College - Innovation Director Statewide
Keith Lawrence
Successful Inventor
Ken Johnson
Inventor of famous card game, Phase 10 - Inventor, Author, Visionary Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker
Kenny Kiernan
Invention Illustration Expert
Kevin Prince
Registered Patent Agent
Konstantin Dolgan, Ph.D.
Product Development Expert
Lisa Lloyd
Past President of UIA - Founder of Inventor's Association of Arizona
Michael Van Horst
Successful Inventor
Paul Sorenson
Successful Inventor / Licensing Negotiation Expert
Rick Kellow
Inventor of the GreatPlate
Ryan Bricker
Successful Inventor
Ryan Diez
Successful Inventor
Ryford Estores
Successful Inventor
Scott Tarcy
10 years of Product Design Experience
Stephen Key
IGA Co-Founder & Moderator - Co-Founder, inventRight, LLC
Warren Wilson
Over $75 Million in Revenue