Over 70,000 Independent Inventors in the U.S.

Invention and innovation are the backbone of the American economy and we need to support the efforts of individual inventors as well as inventor organizations to keep our nation competitive and moving forward. We are stronger when we unite. That’s why Inventors Groups of America (IGA) was formed. We offer inventors and inventing groups a unified voice at the USPTO and on Capitol Hill on important issues such as patent reform.

Power Through Connection and Mentorship

It’s a well known fact that people succeed when they are educated and empowered. And that’s the IGA mission, to educate and empower inventors and inventing groups throughout the United States – and maybe even the world! Many inventors do not have the knowledge or tools to commercialize their inventions whether through venturing or licensing. That’s where IGA can help. Whether an idea is simple or complex doesn’t matter!

Teach inventors how to commercialize their inventions by providing them with the most current information and the best practices to bring their inventions to market.

Strengthen and support inventor groups throughout the nation.

Give a voice to the hundreds of thousands of inventors on Capitol Hill and at the USPTO on important topics.

Please become a member and support our efforts.

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