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Discover why your identity might be your biggest obstacle to getting your very first licensing deal during our June meeting with special guest Courtney Laschkewitsch, inventRight Coach and speaker.

During this no-nonsense 1-hour bootcamp, Courtney will guide you through how to change your behavior so you can secure licensing deals and prioritize what really matters to you. She will also reveal workspace, time-management, and mental exhaustion techniques.

Wavering self-trust & commitment can sabotage your success. As Courtney dives into the psychology behind excuses, learn why consistency, paired with experiential knowledge, is more crucial than you ever imagined. By the end of her presentation, you will be able to identify when you’re settling for mediocrity and know why prioritizing soft skills, like relationship-building, is essential for your lasting success.

Join us for a brutally honest and empowering session that will over-deliver practical strategies and mental shifts to turn your licensing dreams into reality. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to interact and learn actionable takeaways on Wednesday June 26th from 4-5pm Pacific, followed by an After Party with small breakout rooms.

Thank you Courtney.

About Courtney Laschkewitsch

Courtney is an award-winning entrepreneur and successful inventor who licensed four product ideas to a company that specializes in outfitting dorm rooms. She later secured a second deal of two more products with the same company, and most recently licensed a 7th concept to a toy & game company that will come out in 2023! As a child, she remembers making paper models of amusement parks and ski resorts that took up a whole room. She started her first business as a teenager while attending college. Selling online and at several events throughout the year, she learned the basics of starting and growing her own small business.

She’s also an experienced educator. For nearly a decade, she taught classes to youth about robotics, animation, and design through an educational non-profit. “Each of our classes consisted of teaching the students how to be life-long learners and how to be creative thinkers at a young age,” she explained.

She has been recognized for her achievements, including being the inaugural youth division winner of the Nexties Awards for Entrepreneurship, as well as the Bay Area winner for the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

Before she knew its official name, Courtney was sold on the concept of licensing. With so many ideas, why start a business for each one when you can license them, she thought.

“Licensing is deeply ingrained in who I am,” she said. “I can come up with all these ideas and focus my energy on creativity and innovation every single day; I’m so enthralled by this industry”.

As the former longtime Managing Director of Inventors Groups of America, she ran online meetings for inventors that averaged 250 attendees as well as produced a monthly newsletter and educational webinar series with guest experts.

“Inventors are dedicated movers and shakers who are constantly pushing their ideas forward. It is such an honor to be a part of the inventing community— it’s really inspiring.”

In addition to being a zealous advocate for inventors and the inventing community, and developing product ideas for companies, Courtney is a martial artist (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and May Thai) and ukulelist. She also enjoys golfing, photojournalism, and dipping her feet into new and invigorating activities. She is also a Top Business Coaching Voice on LinkedIn.

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