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AI has taken the world by storm! Are you using AI as an inventor? AI tools can help you generate images, record voice-overs for promo videos, write marketing copy, and practice cold calls.

The best-known AI tool is ChatGPT. Our cofounder, Stephen Key, was excited to try using ChatGPT when it was released in November of 2022. But when he started asking ChatGPT specific questions about licensing, he discovered the answers weren’t very accurate.

Enter Maxwell Salvant, a college student passionate about using AI to help inventors. Max and Steve teamed up to create StephenKeyChat, the first AI bot specifically built to answer your questions about licensing 24/7!

Try it for yourself:

Max says: “After becoming a MindStudio developer, I began exploring how I could help people in my industry.As an architecture student with a passion for design and innovation, I was drawn to the world of inventing. This journey led me to discover inventRight, where I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Key. StephenKeyChat is the first AI application I built to answer questions about product licensing and protecting your ideas.”

Max is excited to answer your questions about building an AI tool.

Join your IGA cofounders Andrew Krauss and Stephen Key on Wednesday, February 28th, from 4-5pm Pacific to celebrate the launch of StephenKeyChat and discuss AI more broadly. We want to hear about the best AI tools you are using as an inventor right now!

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