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Our Mission: To be a leader in globally recognizing, honoring and fostering innovation and innovators to create a positive impact in the world. Our vision is continually guided by the legacy and vision of Thomas Edison and his Menlo Park team that successfully brought an unprecedented number of innovations to the market. Nation

Our targeted approach to product development and licensing sets us apart from everybody else. Our dedicated teams use proven strategies to commercialize your product idea whether it’s the next big consumer trend, the season’s top “As Seen on TV” hit or a groundbreaking medical device. Tell us about your idea and we’ll find the best option for market success.…

1-800-772-2126 Design Lab

The Lab proactively identifies gaps in the education-to-work ecosystem that require next generation solutions. We put together partners, funders and institutions to tackle the path from problem definition through solution finding to adoption and evaluation. We also accept requests from individual institutions, funders, entrepreneurs or communities to facilitate related design processes.

http://edwardsgarment.comEdwards Garment
800.253.9885 Power

Digital publication focused on the power electronics industry. The publication features technical articles, design tips, and application notes from the industry’s leading power electronics engineers and application experts. Print Media Tactics

Informative article from Marketing BEEP that discuses effective print media tactics.

Ego Is the Enemy

Many of us insist the main impediment to a full, successful life is the outside world. In fact, the most common enemy lies within: our ego. Early in our careers, it impedes learning and the cultivation of talent. With success, it can blind us to our faults and sow future problems. In failure, it magnifies each blow and makes recovery more difficult.… Global Trading

EGT Global Trading deal with foreign importing from China. They pride themselves on bringing innovative ideas to life, and specialize in inventions of textiles and sewn items, baby and fashion accessories, arts and crafts, and unique household articles.

http://www.elastitag.comElastiTag® – Bedford Industries
http://elephantlifting.comElephant Chain Block Co., Ltd.
http://www.elklighting.comElk Group International
http://www.elkay.comElkay Manufacturing Company
http://www.elypro.comElypro Inc.
(917)443-6809 Spot

Site where you can design, price and order customer machined parts on-line. Free 3D modeling software.

http://www.watertoys.comEmpex Watertoys
http://pettherapeutics.netEnchanted Home Pet
http://www.enerlites.comEnerlites Inc.
949-756-0536 Association Directories Organization- Charlotte Chapter

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