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http://shrugs.comS & H Rugs Inc.
201-933-4300 & P Global Ratings

Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives

http://www.sehagarmandesigns.coms.e. hagarman
http://www.ssactivewear.comS&S Activewear
(516) 945-1900 First and Taylor Precision Products

Kitchen Electronics: Electronic scales, Thermometers, etc. Diego Inventors Forum

Helping inventors to become entrepreneurs creating new companies and jobs here in San Diego.

(800) 426-6399
http://www.sansin.comSansin Corp
http://www.sasgroup.comSAS Group Inc.
(914) 332-7878

Multiple Products Distributor: Bee-Dazler, Dutch Glow, Pastafina, Guitar Play – Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program

NASA service – transfers knowledge and technology of space program to small business. 40hrs. of free technical assistance available. Small business center

If you’re ready to start a business or scale an existing venture the Small Business Center’s programs and services will give you the skills, mindset and network to succeed. Small business and technology development center (North Carolina)

Founded in September 1984, North Carolina’s Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) is the business and technology extension service of The University of North Carolina, which oversees the 16 constituent institutions of the University.  The SBTDC is administered by North Carolina State University and operated in partnership with US Small Business Administration.

http://www.painting-books.comScheewe Publications Painting Books
http://www.toypiano.comSchoenhut Piano Company Inc
904-810-1945 Notebook Company

Scientific notebooks – Inventors notebooks. Association

Foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education.

https://scrubdaddy.comScrub Daddy

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