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Free patent search site that is very easy to use.  Beta version. Grants

Provide a common website for federal agencies to post discretionary funding opportunities and for grantees to find and apply to them. Carolina State Bar

The North Carolina State Bar was created in 1933 by the North Carolina General Assembly as the government agency responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in North Carolina. The State Bar currently regulates over 27,000 licensed lawyers. Protection of the public and protection of our system of justice are the objectives of regulation. Courses for Marketing Your Business – SBA’s site for online courses to help you market your business. Several of the online courses offered are free after completing an online registration form and are self-paced. The courses take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Government Bookstore

US Government Printing Office. Books and pamphlets on several topics. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

SEC is an official Federal Agency website that includes news, legal and other releases and reports and invenstor education material. SEC’s mission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation. There are links to all regional offices on the site. Economic Development Administration Securities and Exchange Commission

Security and exchange commission – good site for researching large companies. Small Business Association States Census Bureau

Information and quick easy facts about people, business, and geography from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Interactive maps, population finder, state searches, and current statistics on population and the economy.

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