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A community for Inventor’s Group leaders across the U.S. to meet with people to learn, motivate, and share ideas.

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With an estimated 700,000 inventors in the U.S., the IGA aims to provide a unified voice for inventors from all backgrounds.


The IGA strives to strengthen innovation throughout the nation through support, organization, and resources tailored to the inventing community.

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for Inventors.

The IGA strives to strengthen innovation throughout the nation through support, organization, and resources tailored to the inventing community.

1. Monthly educational webinars.

2. Hundreds of articles on commercializing your product.

3. 500+ companies looking for ideas.

4. Inspiring inventor success stories.

5. Up-to-date industry news and tips.

6. Supporting inventors through patent rights.

People succeed when they are educated and empowered. That’s the IGA mission, to educate and empower inventors and inventing groups throughout the United States and across the globe. Inventors Groups of America (IGA) is an organization founded in 2017 by leaders of the inventing community. Our goal is twofold: 1) we want to teach individuals how to commercialize their product ideas and 2) we want to strengthen and support inventor groups throughout the nation. Innovation is the backbone of the United States economy. Ideas from individuals drive innovation. Many inventors do not have the knowledge or tools to commercialize their ideas whether by starting their own business or licensing. IGA offers inventors access to the most current information on best practices to bring product ideas to market.


Alan Beckley
Texas Inventor's Association - Past President
Alex Hobson
Inventors Association of Arizona - Board Member
Ata Etemadi
President - Austin Inventors and Entrepreneurs
Bob Hausslein
President - Inventors Association of New England
Bob Hawkinson
President - North Florida Inventors Group
Brian Fried
Long Island Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club - President
Calvin Flowers
President & Founder - Chicago Inventors Organziation
Christian Corley
Inventors Center of Kansas City - Board Member
Daniel Braisted
President - Vegas Inventors
David Woods
Vice President - Inventors Council of Central Florida
David Zedonis
Indiana Inventors Association - President
Diane Hemmert
Nevada Inventors Association - Board Member
Don Skaggs
President - Inventors Network Kentucky
Dr. David E Flinchbaugh
Founding Member - Inventors Council of Central Florida
Eric Huber
UIA - Board Member
Frank Morosky
President - Iowa Inventors Group
Gary Stecklein
President - Inventors Association of South Central Kansas
George Burkhardt
President - Alamo Inventors
Ian Alexandre
Inventors Council of Central Florida - President
Jackie Diaz
Founder - Inventors Council of Cincinnati
Jeffrey Dobkin
Emeritus President - American Society of Inventors
Joe Craig
Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association at Auburn University - President & Co-Founder
Joe Finkler
President - Michigan Inventors Coalition
John D. Hopkins
Chairman - Michigan Inventors Coalition
John Meyer
Inventors Center of Kansas City - President
Jon Roty
President - Jackson Inventors Network - Michigan
Keith Waters
President - Tennessee Inventors Association
Ken Roddy
President - Houston Inventors Association
Kris Paul
President - Inventors Network of the Capitol Area
Laura Myers
Executive Director - Inventors Association of Arizona
Leo Mazur
President - Inventors Society of South Florida
Lisa Lloyd
Past President of UIA - Founder of Inventor's Association of Arizona
Lucas Boring
President - Tucson Inventors Group
Mark Peterson
VP - Inventor Relations - Houston Inventors Association
Marty Sovis
President - Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan
Mary Kordyban
Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan - Secretary
Mary Moeller
Inventors Center of Kansas City - Past President
Mary ZumBrunnen
Board Member - Michigan Inventors Coalition
Matt Stieg
President - Edison Innovators Association, SWFL
Mike Spray
Nevada Inventors Association - Past Vice President / Patent Holders Forum Leader
Mike Turner
President - Columbus Phenix City Inventors Association
Ryan Gray
Board Member - Inventors Forum – Orange County
Sean Murphy
Inventors Center of Kansas City - Advisory Board
Shervin Ahmady
Founder - Southeastern Inventors Association
Steve Lyon
President - Inventors Network of Minnesota
Steven Chappell
Grand Rapids Inventors - President
Terry Sullivan
President - Southeastern Inventors Association
Wayne Rasanen
President - The Tampa Bay Inventors Council


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