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A community for Inventor’s Group leaders across the U.S. to meet with people to learn, motivate, and share ideas.

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With an estimated 700,000 inventors in the U.S., the IGA aims to provide a unified voice for inventors from all backgrounds.


The IGA strives to strengthen innovation throughout the nation through support, organization, and resources tailored to the inventing community.

Find Hundreds of Companies Looking for Ideas

IGA Now Provides a Database of 500+ Open Innovation Friendly Companies!


Access the world’s largest library of inventor resources.


Thousands of current articles and videos with key information and tutorials on commercializing your invention.


Learn licensing and inventing trade terms to present yourself professionally and appropriately.


IGA Inventor Membership is 100% free!

People succeed when they are educated and empowered.  That’s the IGA mission, to educate and empower inventors and inventing groups throughout the United States and across the globe. Inventors Groups of America (IGA) is an organization founded in 2017 by leaders of the inventing community. Our goal is twofold: 1) we want to teach individuals how to commercialize their product ideas and 2) we want to strengthen and support inventor groups throughout the nation. Innovation is the backbone of the United States economy. Ideas from individuals drive innovation. Many inventors do not have the knowledge or tools to commercialize their ideas whether by starting their own business or licensing. IGA offers inventors access to the most current information on best practices to bring product ideas to market.

Our Members Who Lead Inventors Groups

Adrian Pelkus
San Diego Inventors Forum President - Board Member US Inventor

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