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Inventors Groups of America has created the largest collection of resources available to help inventor succeed.


1,000’s of “How to Articles” and resources to help you commercialize your ideas.

IGA features 1,000’s of articles on everything from licensing and venturing your ideas to patent protection, techniques for getting in to companies, information about prototypes, tips for working at home, and much more.


Over 500 Companies Looking For Ideas.

IGA includes a database of over 500 companies that are looking for your ideas. Open Innovation has changed the way companies are bringing new products to market. They want your ideas.

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Inventor stories and featured products.

IGA features a database of products designed by inventors just like you. You can can browse the list of products, visit their websites and purchase or find out more information about the products. If you have a product you have brought to market we would love to add it to the database. You can also see fellow inventors that have brought their own products to market and connect with them at their local inventor groups.


Up to date news about inventions and inventing.

Every other week you will receive our newsletter packed full of news, updates, trade show information, product searches, TV opportunities and much more. Every issue is full of helpful information and resources to help you bring your ideas to market. Every issues is archived inside the members area so you can access them at any time.


Support from fellow inventors and stronger patent rights.

By joining the IGA community you are helping support your fellow inventors and in turn they are helping support you. It also means helping IGA fight for stronger patent rights in the United States and around the world as one unified voice for inventors.

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