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January 2018
Happy New Year!
Let’s make 2018 the year our ideas come to life and markets.
We inventors across the country create the future and jobs for America.  
Our patent system was “the best job creating engine ever invented on this planet”  
Let’s show the world what we do best, what made this country great to start with.  
Pursue your happiness, prosper from your ideas.
Proud to be an American Inventor, honored to be of assistance to my fellow inventors, creators and innovators.
Adrian Pelkus




Last month we welcomed Lisa Rothstein the award-winning Madison Avenue ad agency copywriter and creative director, whose 2-decade career as a Mad Woman spawned iconic TV commercials and ads for brands like IBM, Colgate and Hanes.
She is best-known for having created the famous “Wait’ll We Get Our Hanes on You” campaign that changed Americas underwear.

Lisa Rothstein presents
Lisa Rothstein presents “Focus Groups”


Lisa gave an exceptional presentation on the power of focus groups.
Her amazing marketing background with major corporations gave us examples of well known brands and what their focus groups provided.
Practical tips and solid advice.
We thank you Lisa!

Thanks to Dave Swift our videographer for the great work!


This month we will explore 3d printing also known as additive manufacturing.
This technology is revolutionizing many areas of everyday life.
The presentation covers advances in 3d printing food, clothing, shelters, medical, transportation and manufacturing sectors.
Next month Top Dog will be here in SD!
Are you ready to be seen on TV?
Apply now to present!!
“Attached is the application.  All inventors must have consumer products that can fit the “As Seen on TV” model.  All applications must be received by January 18, 2018 for consideration.  Once we review the applications, we will be in touch with those inventors selected for the pitch.”


February 8th is the event.
AMN Healthcare Inc. will host! (usual location)
Deadline is January 18th!!!
Steve Silbiger from Top Dog Direct will be our speaker at the evening regular meeting.
Looking forward to a great event.
Press will be invited!
Help for inventors and innovators, creators all is here!!

Tell your creative friends and invite them to attend Thursday’s evening!

Every month we discuss the most important things needed to bring ideas to life and create wealth.
Come to our meetings and learn about inventing, innovating and the process of bringing new products to market.
Prepare your questions about inventing and ask local experts at Thursdays meeting.
Bring your idea and see how the attendees react! This would be a “public disclosure”.
You will either save money or make money by being sure your idea is customer ready first.
Hear and learn about important topics to help you prepare for launching your venture.
Mark your calendar for San Diego Inventors Forum monthly meetings!


SDIF 2017 – 2018 Schedule

See you 7pm this Thursday!




Modified monthly meeting format to allow more interactions and answer more questions  


Welcome & Thanks
Who is new?   Whats your passion?
Subject of the Month / speaker
Stories and new products shared by inventors
Resources and New Opportunities
Who Needs Who?
Thanks & network
We meet monthly to motivate, educate and network inventors and innovators.
Meeting location:
AMN Healthcare Inc.
Del Mar Heights
12400 High Bluff Drive
San Diego, CA 92130
$10 at the door
Snacks provided
Free parking
Networking starts at 6;30pm
Meeting starts at 7pm




SDIF is a fabulous resource for inventors, and it just wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. These are people who are often inventors themselves who provide services to our members. Please check them out below.



“SDIF – The Place to Be
SDIF monthly meetings are the ideal place to get help on all aspects of inventing as well as make new contacts. Unlike other inventors’ organizations, we have no costly annual dues or membership requirements. All you need is a desire to learn about the world of inventing and to network with like-minded people. Whether you’re an inventor, innovator or a service provider, SDIF is the place to be the second Thursday of each month!” Judy B. 




Inventors rally against PTAB’s at the SCOTUS made world news. This is the biggest case about IP in recent history!


Individual inventors, inventors groups and clubs across America now uniting to fight for their rights.


United States of today is not the same country where the famed garage inventor can become a business success thanks to hard work and ingenuity. Today, the true beneficiaries of innovation seem to be those well-entrenched interests who can copy without great fear of reprisal, leaving the actual inventors without any true ability to commercialize and profit from their intellectual property.
Steve Brachmann on Jan 03, IP WatchDog
USI including yours truly will be in DC next week to discuss this with as many in Congress as will listen.


Then back again in April for a meeting with the USPTO and leaders on the hill.
If you care about the USA and our future please learn more and support the cause.
This has been a PSA.
Here is the USI bill by inventors for inventors.
IMO this needs to attract national news attention asap:
Thanks for your support, caring about your, your kids and your fellow inventors rights.




US Inventor has filed several Amicus Briefs to inform the Supreme Court of our issues, one of which has 31 inventor groups as interested parties.

To help protect inventor rights, we demonstrated at the
Supreme Court on the morning of November 27 to keep patents property rights as written in our Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8“To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries” .

This is the only place in the constitution the word “right” is used.

It was that important then and it even more today.

Here is our video of the SCOTUS rally!!!

Protesting PTABs at the SCOTUS
Protesting PTABs at the SCOTUS


Please post to your social media.


Stop mega-corps from stealing our rights.
Thank you for your support!


SDIF 2018 Speaker invite Line-up.


We are looking forward to welcoming these speakers this year:

Len Hering, RADM, USN (ret)
Center for Sustainable Energy
Mr. John
Regional Director
Silicon Valley United States Patent and Trademark Office
Mr. Louis J. Foreman
Edison Nation
Mr. Stephen Key
Invent Right
Mr. Warren Tuttle


Special guests always welcome!   

Thanks for an introduction. 




Please check your schedules
and let us know if you would like to assist us, when, how and with what.



Quirky is Back, Let’s Start Inventing!



New President Gina Waldhorn gives us the run-down.


“Quirky’s back and ready to make invention accessible again. Listen to meet Quirky’s new President Gina Waldhorn and find out about Quirky’s comeback, how their new business plan works and how it’s different from the old one. Quirky is a community-led invention platform dedicated to developing innovative products through collaboration and partnership. Anyone can participate on either by submitting their own product idea, or by collaborating to enhance existing ideas. Quirky pays a royalty to all community members who help bring inventions to market.”
Want a MakerBot?



I’m delighted to announce SDIF is discussing a special deal for inventors from MakerBot.
We would like to know how many of you may be interested.
Please send me an email so we can judge the possible quantity buy/discount we can acquire.
Thank you.


US Inventor Petition





Recently I thanked Stephen Key for his and InventRight’s support of the US Inventor petition!  Here is the post from Stephen himself


The patent system in the United States is not what it once was.
Our friends and colleagues have expressed increasing concern over the past few years. We’ve been listening.
Today, we’re asking you to sign the petition for patent reform.
This petition was initiated by Paul Morinville, an independent inventor who has been in Washington D.C. and is now traveling around the country tirelessly to advocate on behalf of all of us. The other champion of this cause has been Adrian Pelkus, President of the San Diego Inventors Forum, who has worked continuously on behalf of independent inventors everywhere.
This petition is also supported by Louis Foreman, President and CEO of Edison Nation as well as Warren Tuttle, President of UIA.
Please, get informed. We’ll be doing our part by seeking out and bringing you the best advice and insight possible.

If you’ve been affected by the new patent laws, we want to hear from you.

Thank you for your time.
Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss, inventRight cofounders


Watch Stephen describe why he cares about this issue:

Stephen talks about patent reform
Stephen talks about patent reform and the petition




Here again is the link for the petition:



Please add you name today and help save American Inventors!
Protect patented innovation!!





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Web Admin assistant, Sponsors & Inventor Stories Wanted


Help!! We need a back up admin for the website. Please contact us asap!!

SDIF Sponsors wanted!!!

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Nationwide webinars are planned!  Stay tuned for more information.

SDIF needs stories about and by inventors! We are calling for volunteers to help gather and write stories or folks to send theirs.  Contact Adrian if you’re interested. 


Send us yours or Become an “Inventor of the Month”!
Time onstage (10 minutes) to pitch your product and get feedback.
Help motivate other inventors, come tell your story! 
SDIF Memberships save time in line


SDIF now has memberships. 
 Regulars can pay $10 monthly at the desk or become members. One year for $100.

Membership Benefits· Discount 2 months off regular price

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Stay inventive San Diego!
Its another incredible year ahead for inventors!
A new focus on startup entrepreneurs is sweeping the nation.
There are more opportunities than ever to make your product known.
This could be a great year for you to get your idea out there, we are here to help.
From capturing your concept to making it to the market.
Inventors help inventors.
Welcome to the San Diego Inventors Forum!


Wishing you an inventive day and hoping to see you on Thursday!        
Adrian Pelkus

Adrian Pelkus, Chairman
San Diego Inventors Forum

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Consulting is complimentary to businesses that are ready to grow and is available in a private setting at one of four centers and six outreach locations. The SBDC offers guidance on how to reduce the cost of operations, increase sales and market share, financing, money management, exporting internationally, marketing and online marketing, patent and technology commercialization, and market research. To learn more about these valuable resources, visit their website or contact Carol Wiley at 619.216.6690 or [email protected].

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