Invalidated – Movie premier August 21st

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San Diego Inventors Forum
August 2018
Come see the free West Coast movie premier about our US patent system, 7pm August 21st!



Dear fellow inventors, innovators and all concerned citizens that may disturbed about or just wondering about what has happened and is happening at our USPTO.
You are cordially invited to an important West Coast movie premier about our US patent system, 7pm August 21st!
This is your chance to meet Josh Malone, a focus in the movie who is the inventor of the super popular summer toy “Bunch of Balloons” and Fellow at US Inventor. Come and hear from Josh directly what happened to him as his invention was knocked off and the infringer used our patent system against him for years. 
Help save the American Inventor, our IP rights and the US economy.
Please see and share this INVALIDATED FLYER as far and wide as possible!!
And be sure to add the showing date to your calendar 🙂



The info you need to promote or share this free event is listed on this event page.
This is also where people can RSVP.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Have an inventive day,




USI has brought a bill for inventors to Congress!

You’ve probably seen the great news that we’ve gotten our Inventor Protection Act, H.R.6557 introduced in the US House of Representatives. This is huge! After a decade of destruction of our patent rights, this bill restores patent rights to inventors who own their patents!

Our bill makes it so the changes that were put in place to stop alleged “patent trolls,” changes that have made it virtually impossible for an inventor to stop a determined infringer, do not apply to the inventor who owns his or her patent. In addition, there are other key improvements (see here). We’re finally in a position to take our rights back, but it won’t go anywhere if we don’t make ourselves and the issue widely known to our Representatives.

We need inventors nationwide meeting with their Representatives while they are in their local offices in August and asking them to co-sponsor this legislation. Please forward this information to all of your creative friends and any other individuals that would be interested.

US Representatives are on recess and in their home districts for the month of August. As a constituent, it is easy to get an appointment – they are obligated to talk to their voters. Here’s what we need as many of your club members as possible to do:

  1. Print out and read the description of our bill (go here). If anything is unclear, call me at 727-744-3748 or Josh Malone at 972-689-8124.
  2. See who your Representative is and get the local phone number by going HERE.
  3. Come up with a short pitch, not more than 30 seconds, to get the appointment (You could use this: “I’m an inventor in your district, and I’m alarmed at how changes in our patent system have destroyed the patent rights of inventors. I want to meet with (Mr./ Ms. _____ ) on this issue and let him/her know about a bill in Congress that will restore the rights of inventors.” If they ask how our rights have been destroyed, you could say “it’s become virtually impossible to stop a large corporation from taking an invention.”
  4. Write down what you are going to say and get comfortable with it.
  5. Call the local number and ask for an appointment to see your Representative. Use your pitch.
  6. If they put you off, be polite but persistent. This is a big problem, you are a constituent, and he or she needs to meet with you.
  7. Meet with your Representative, discuss our two-page bill description and leave it with him, ask him to support and co-sponsor our bill, ask him to meet with me when I am in DC, and thank him for talking with you.
  8. Let me know how it went so I can follow up effectively when I’m in DC. We need every Representative on our side.
  9. Tell your fellow inventors how rewarding this was and help them do the same.

In addition to the above, host a screening at your next social event to show the new documentary Invalidated: The Shredding of the American Patent System. The full version is available now on Amazon and iTunes (and you have permission to stream it for non-commercial use). Invite your Representatives and Senators to attend the screening and to speak to the audience/voters about the importance of patent rights. Let us know when it is scheduled and we can help provide a speaker and/or panel to discuss the issues presented in the film.

Please do this for me, for you, and for America. I and colleagues have spent 16 weeks in DC this year getting us to this point. We’ve never been this close to victory. We have a real opportunity to restore our rights as inventors. Let’s work together and finally win this battle!

If you have any questions, call me at 727-744-3748 or Josh Malone at 972-689-8124. Also, let me know how it goes so I can followup effectively with each Representative when I am in DC.


Randy Landreneau, President – 727-744-3748
Josh Malone, Fellow – 972-689-8124
US Inventor





Help for inventors and innovators is here.



Every month we discuss the most important things needed to bring ideas to life and create wealth.
Come to our meetings and learn about inventing, innovating and the process of bringing new products to market.
Prepare your questions about inventing and ask local experts at Thursdays meeting.
Bring your idea and see how the attendees react! This would be a “public disclosure”.
You will either save money or make money by being sure your idea is customer ready first.
Hear and learn about important topics to help you prepare for launching your venture.
Mark your calendar for San Diego Inventors Forum monthly meetings!



SDIF 2018 Schedule (revised)




We meet monthly to motivate, educate and network inventors and innovators.
Meeting location:
AMN Healthcare Inc.
Del Mar Heights
12400 High Bluff Drive
San Diego, CA 92130

$10 at the door
Snacks provided
Free parking
Networking starts at 6;30pm
Meeting starts at 7pm





SDIF is a fabulous resource for inventors, and it just wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. These are people who are often inventors themselves who provide services to our members. Please check them out below.



“SDIF – The Place to Be
SDIF monthly meetings are the ideal place to get help on all aspects of inventing as well as make new contacts. Unlike other inventors’ organizations, we have no costly annual dues or membership requirements. All you need is a desire to learn about the world of inventing and to network with like-minded people. Whether you’re an inventor, innovator or a service provider, SDIF is the place to be the second Thursday of each month!” Judy B. 





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