Intriguing Opportunity From Vienna, Austria

July 2021
Intriguing Opportunity: Are You Interested?
The IAA has been contacted by LEAD Innovation Management (, an innovation consulting company in Vienna, Austria, to assist in gaining an American perspective on new product concepts developed by some of the largest and most recognized corporations in the world. Their current project involves the re-engineering and improvement of a tool used in the forestry, gardening and landscape maintenance industry. The target product is a hedge trimmer that can be used by individuals for their own property lawn maintenance as well as use by landscape maintenance professionals for commercial properties.
Ideally, the American inventors’ input they seek would be from someone with a background in engineering or someone with the “engineering mindset” who uses this type of tool on a personal or professional level, or someone who has expertise in a related industry who may be able to offer insights into refining the product for the American market. Additionally, they are looking for the non-engineer who is a “tinkerer” and problem solver who has personal experience using a trimmer and who can offer ideas for improvement from the American homeowner perspective.
LEAD Innovation Management will be interviewing approximately 1000 American inventors to find the right match of five to ten individuals to participate in two half-day workshops with other inventors from around the world and with professionals from the client company. The selection process will begin with an initial interview with a researcher from LEAD Innovation, then progress to a more detailed phone call. In past years, their workshops took place in Vienna. Due to the country-to-country travel restrictions still in place, this year it will take place virtually on Aug 2-3, 10am to 2pm ET.
Please note, there is no financial compensation for involvement in this project. So, what are the benefits and why would you want to investigate further?
  • You will gain valuable insights into the field of innovation management
  • You will be introduced to high level industry contacts and this may lead to networking opportunities for future projects
  • You will learn structured innovation methods to use in your own industry
  • You will be a part of an inspiring “think tank” and meet other experts with like-minded aptitude
If you are interested in participating in an initial screening interview with LEAD Innovation Management, please go to their website at to learn more about this company. If you would like me to connect you with their current project, please email Laura at [email protected]. Please include
  • your name and email contact information
  • a very brief description of your background and why you are interested in this project (please keep this to a maximum of 3-4 sentences)
Please note that the IAA has no financial or professional connection with LEAD Innovation Management and is participating only to facilitate the advancement of global networking.