IAA Representing Arizona Inventors On Capitol Hill

The IAA In Washington DC:
Representing Independent Inventors
Across The Nation
The IAA was a part of a group of 60 leaders of Inventors Associations that descended upon Washington DC to represent independent inventors across our great nation. During this three day conference (April 17-19), we were able to meet in the private offices of 30 United States Senators to discuss our concerns about patent protection for independent inventors.
We also got a chance to meet with the new Director of the USPTO, Andrei Iancu as well as the Commissioner for Patents, Drew Hirshfeld. This very important trip was organized by Stephen Key and Andrew Krause from InventRight, Charlie Sauer from Inventors Project, Warren Tuttle from the United Inventors Association and Gene Quinn, the Founder of IP Watchdog. Our travel costs for this trip were covered by our members and supporters of the IAA through their generous donations to our GoFundMe campaign. We very much appreciate the support from all to make this historic, impactful trip possible.
We will be sharing the important information about our initiative to effect change in our current patent system at a meeting soon. I will be sending out an announcement of this special meeting as soon as we can organize key people to travel to Arizona. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some pictures from our trip. Thank you to all who provided the support we needed to make our voices heard in Congress.
Inventors Association Leaders At The USPTO
Sixty leaders from forty states have formed a new non-profit organization called Inventors Groups of America (IGA). You can find more information at: Inventleader.org
Bunch O Balloons Inventor,
Josh Malone
Josh Malone, the inventor of the top selling toy in America and father of eight children, joined our group to support our efforts to effect change.
Andrei Iancu, Director of the USPTO
Drew Hirshfeld, Commissioner of Patents
Laura, Alex and Stephen Key
We have been meeting with the InventRight founders for six months to help establish this new organization of leaders of innovation. This conference held on Capitol Hill was the first initiative to create a strong voice for inventors across the nation.
Inventor Groups Of America Dinner
The sponsors of the IGA hosted a dinner for all the leaders attending the conference.
We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Open Door meeting this Wednesday, May 2nd!
The Inventors Association of Arizona is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the sole purpose to assist independent inventors along the difficult journey from idea to market. We invite the public to join our monthly Speaker Series, held on the first Wednesday of each month at The Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation from 7pm to 9pm. More information can be found at www.azinventors.org.