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March 2020 Newsletter Issue #28
Congratulations Rob Smith on your licensed product!

Rob’s product, Word Trackers, supports reading fluency!

“They can use them for tracking, chunking, underlining, or pointing, four handy tools in one! And they fit discreetly in the palm of the hand.

  • Set Of 12 Durable Plastic Trackers: Made to last of durable plastic, these trackers have a round nub on the bottom that allows them to glide smoothly over the pages to guide students as they read.
  • 4 Tools In One Tracking Device: These handy little trackers have several functions. You get four tools in one: tracking, chunking, underlining, and pointing!
  • Support Reading Fluency: The unique design of this hand-held reading tool helps with tracking text and breaking it into manageable chunks. Its a great way to support early or struggling readers.
  • Doubles As A Fidget Spinner: When students arent using the tracker for reading, they can spin it to get rid of the fidgets. Its a quiet way to release anxiety or excess energy without disturbing classmates.

Give your young readers these multi-function reading tools that help with tracking, chunking, underlining, and pointing to text.” – Really Good Stuff

Support an Inventor!
You’ve probably used Google Patents and the USPTO website to search for patents, but have you heard of Espacenet? You can search their database for patents worldwide.

“With its worldwide coverage and search features, Espacenet offers free access to information about inventions and technical developments from 1782 to today. Espacenet is accessible to beginners and experts and is updated daily. It contains data on more than 110 million patent documents from around the world. Supporting information can help you understand whether a patent has been granted and if it is still in force.

You can use Espacenet to:
search and find patent publications
machine-translate patent documents
track the progress of emerging technologies
find solutions to technical problems
see what your competitors are developing
”  – Espacenet
Check it Out!
Take a look at this upcoming webinar!
This month we have Jason Klug for our educational webinar!

Jason is the CEO & Founder of Klugonyx Group LLC, Partner and Co-founder at Onyx360, CEO & Co-founder of Dorai Home, a Mechanical Engineer, and Crowdfunding Expert! Jason Klug has 12 years of experience in developing and manufacturing 100s of successful products for his own brands and others. His team of innovators at Klugonyx Group LLC helps creative idea makers take napkin sketched, half-baked, middle-of-the-night, a-ha! ideas from conception to completion. Don’t miss out on April 1st!

The Webinars are held on Wednesdays at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern
We will share a recording of each presentation on our site.
Register Here!
Inventor Process The SUMMIT

What’s one of the keys to invention success?  Taking action when opportunity arises.
Inventor Process: The SUMMIT is an opportunity-driven event where you can Pitch to, Learn from & Network with the Best in the Invention Business.
On April 25th in Las Vegas, prolific inventors like Aaron Krause of the Scrub Daddy and Bobby Edwards of Squatty Potty, as well as invention-industry leaders like Brian Fried and Dara Trujillo, are all coming to help propel you to market success. This is the right event for you no matter where you’re at in the invention process – a sketch on a napkin to prototypes to a finished product.
Why Attend? Take advantage of:
          1. Multiple Pitch Opportunities
          2. Proven, Action-Oriented Advice
          3. Strengthen Your Network of Reliable Pros
          4. Giveaways, VIP Activities & More
And unlike so many inventor events, there are no expensive booths to buy and you can pitch for a deal, not just advice. Note – pitch in a private setting. Opportunity is Here! Register right now with promo code IGA2020 and save 20% on the tickets of your choice.
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The Inspired Home Show has been Cancelled
We are sad to see that The Inspired Home Show has been cancelled. We understand how important networking can be, and we invite you to contact companies who are open innovation friendly via our database here: You must be logged in to view the database. Go under Inventor Resources on our website, and click on Companies Looking For Ideas.

“Dear Home + Housewares Professional,

By now, I am sure that you have heard that The Inspired Home Show 2020 has been cancelled due to the ongoing threat of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).  Being a global event, the health risk of having our international community come together next week was simply too great.

In the weeks leading up to the cancellation decision, the IHA Board of Directors and IHA staff watched the situation closely and listened to our industry’s constituents – members, exhibitors, retailers, distributors, reps and consultants.  Although some wanted to continue, the overwhelming majority asked (and many demanded) that we cancel the Show due to the Coronavirus threat.  By March 2, we were swept away by a tide of cancellations from both exhibitors and retailers that clearly made the most difficult decision ever made by IHA fairly easy – the Show simply couldn’t continue on as it had for more than 80 years.” – IHA

Learn More about the Cancellation Here
Why is Prototyping Important?
” A full design build is expensive, and it can be time-consuming. First, you build, then you look for any flaws and problems, figure out the solution, then rebuild with the updates. The process may repeat multiple times. Instead, rapid prototyping can be used for your initial prototype. This allows you to inexpensively build and test the parts of the design that are most likely to be flawed, solving issues on the front end, before you make the full product.” – LANPDT
Learn about the Importance of Prototyping
The Paint Brush Cover, Invented by Shark Tank Entrepreneur John DePaola!
Our painter customers asked for it – we delivered!  Our new 4″ brush cover fits brushes up to 4″ wide!!
  • Keeps your brush fresh and ready to use between coats without wash-up
  • Unique foam seal locks in brush and allows for airtight storage to keep brushes wet
  • Designed to snap shut in an instant
  • Durable plastic allows for storage after use without fear of damage to brush
  • Easily washable
  • Great for the environment
  • 1 size fits 2.5 in. to 4 in. brushes
  • No-questions asked refund policy” – TPBC
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