April 13th at 6:30PM (Official Discussion starts at 7:00): the Inventor/Entrepreneur Workshop in Online

Note: This Combined Workshop is for All Inventors Network KY Members that includes both Lexington and Louisville Members
How this Workshop can Help You…
Get help and input on the direction of your idea, invention, startup, product or business, moving beyond where you’re stuck and get the traction you need to really move forward.
At the Workshop, we all work under a confidentiality agreement which means what we talk about at the Workshop stays at the workshop.
And there’s a whole room full of people with different expertise, experience, and fresh angles that can shed new light on how you approach your idea.
This workshop will be on ZOOM and the NDA will still be in effect, so you will be safe to discuss and showcase your ideas from home!
This Workshop is Open to Inventors Network KY Members Only
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Tuesday, Apr 13th, 2021
Meeting Begins for Networking at 6:30PM
Workshop Begins at 7:00PM
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