APRIL 11 at 7PM ONLINE: Selling to Major Retailers

…join us for another special meeting as entrepreneur and startup coach Jim deBetta discusses selling your ideas to major retailers.
Knowing what to do next after you’ve come up with something can become a paralyzing predicament. Luckily Jim DeBetta has some unique and creative answers to unique and creative problems.
On Thursday April 11th at the Inventors Network ONLINE, we’ll be learning how to approach and sell to major retailers.
I’ll look to see you Online on Thursday, April 11th!
Worried about approaching the “big whigs?”
Jim is the founder and President of DeBetta Enterprises and WeKnowInventing. These companies specialize in coaching and consulting for inventors and consumer products start-up companies. His firm assists clients with product development, negotiating license deals, and raising money for new companies.
Knowing is half the battle. Arm yourself before negotiating with the big businesses.
This Meeting is open for everyone at the bargain admission price of only $5, and features the high-quality, professional speakers and programs you’ve come to know us for.
When: Thursday, April 11th, 2019
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at 6:30pm, the Meeting Begins at 7:00pm
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