Another Success For George Burkhardt!

July 2021
Yes, he did it again!
George Burkhardt succeeded in securing another patent!
As many of you know, George undertakes the patent application process and patent prosecution on his own. This is his 9th success in securing an issued patent. Very impressive!
This particular patent prosecution was particularly problematic, as George had to interact with a difficult patent examiner. This included several 60-page Office Action responses, which ultimately resulted in a DENIAL by this difficult patent examiner. The true inventor he is, George did not give up. He submitted a Request for Continued Examination and succeeded in securing the issuance of patent for his product.
George invented a new type of retractable dog leash that can be set to any maximum leash line extension length and still retract, thus keeping the leash line taught, off the ground and ultimately, free from entanglement. He has already secured a licensing deal with a US!
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