What went on at the National Hardware Show?

Week of May 13, 2019                             Newsletter Issue #12

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Inventor Success Stories

Congratulations Mike Van Horst on licensing your product to Hangman Products, and pitching it to buyers at the Hardware Show!

What an incredibly simple and useful product! The Push & Hang by Mike Van Horst and Hangman Products easily lines up, straightens, and mounts photos and more on your wall in seconds!

Congratulations Mike for being an awesome go-getter inventor!
You inspire us! 

IGA Spotlight

What is the next Educational Webinar?
Building Prototypes!

Our next guest speaker on our NEW Educational Webinar Series is Dr. Konstantin Dolgan, from the LA New Product Development Team.

Konstantin has a Ph.D. in materials and infrastructure systems engineering. He has an extensive background in mechanical engineering, hydraulics, scientific research, new product development, technology commercialization, project and business management. Konstantin effectively combines his technical knowledge with innovative thinking and leadership skills delivering ground-breaking solutions, products, and services.

May 29th — Building prototypes with Dr. Konstantin Dolgan from the LA New Product Development Team

The Webinars are held Wednesdays at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

Learn More & Sign Up Here!

Open Innovation

Before considering presenting your product idea to an Open Innovation company, watch this webinar!

We held an educational webinar on March 6th about how to review a potential licensee to see if your idea is a good fit with CoFounders Andrew Krauss and Stephen Key. To watch the recorded playback of this webinar, click Here and scroll to the bottom of the page!

“ASTRA’s Marketplace is the place to discover the newest, coolest toys that will set your business apart. We’ve got exclusive show-only discounts, dozens of new, first-time exhibitors, face-to-face connections with fellow toy professionals and more!” – Astra

When: June 9th – 12th
Where: Pittsburgh, PA
Why Astra? Watch the video!

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Current Events

Meet Stephen Key, Co-Founder of IGA, Jacob Ward, a registered patent attorney, Kedma Ough, author of Target Funding, and Ken Johnson, inventor of the famous card game, Phase 10!

The Michigan Inventors Coalition is proud to announce this year’s 7th Annual Michigan Inventors Expo, co-hosted with Inventors Groups of America!

Join us on Thursday, August 29th at the Kellogg Conference Center. Are you looking to showcase your invention? Booths are limited to 50 this year, so sign up early. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for exposure and education. Space is limited – register today!

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Learn about the Michigan Inventors Expo by watching this video!

Watch video by clicking above!

Silicon Valley International Invention Festival (SVIIF)

Why Participate in SVIIF?

“Your participation offers you an exceptional opportunity to interact directly with businessmen and representatives of well-known industrial companies and corporations from the land of innovations, Santa Clara. Your participation provides you a golden opportunity to: network with representatives of well-known companies, participate in various seminars, presentations and panel discussions, get to know creative minds from all over the world, visit representatives from industry and manufacturers, make concrete deals during the festival, gain international recognition from radio, television and print media, win special wards of high-ranking international organizations, and establish partnerships with inventor associations from all over the world.

Hosted by International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) and organized by Geneva’s Exhibition and Congress Center (PALEXPO), the second Silicon Valley International Invention Festival (SVIIF) kicks off in Santa Clara Convention Center, the host of world-class events, from 24 to 26 June 2019.

Do not miss the fascinating festival in the unique land of hi-techs and innovations, Santa Clara. It’s one of a kind experience where buyers, investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, academic and industry leaderships, high-ranking organizations and inventors’ associations attend.

Your participation offers you an exceptional opportunity to interact directly with businessmen and representatives of well-known industrial companies and corporations from the land of innovations, Santa Clara.

Grab this exceptional chance and thrive!” – SVIIF

Learn more about the International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA) Here!

Learn More About SVIIF!

Trade Shows & Highlights

Thanks for everyone who came out the National Hardware Show!

Lots of familiar faces came to the NHS and made a lot of contacts with potential licensees!
Looking for some tips when going to a trade show as an inventor?
Check out this article!

View Article Here

In The News

We cannot thank everyone enough for voting and spending time helping Ryan Diez and his product, the Woof Washer 360.

This competition took a huge effort from our team and from each and every one of you.

In the end, our competitor (The TouchPoint Solution) won, but we don’t look at it as a loss! They have a fantastic product that is helping many people with stress and anxiety.

In the end, we all win when we support one another. We are stronger together, than apart.

Thanks again for all who voted and spread the word!

Inventor Resources

Check out inventRight’s new playlist of the Top 50 Licensing Videos, with over one million views!
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