There Is A Light

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There Is A Light

Ever since the America Invents Act (AIA) became law it has been a downward spiral for the Independent Inventor. As you already know, the PTAB which began its’ existence as a benefit for us morphed into this ugly killer zombie invalidating patents one right after another. Virtually killing any hope of attaining the American Dream of building a lucrative future through hard work, ingenuity and perseverance. Our Fore Fathers would be Appalled!!!

As in any good Disney like movie, just as we approach the final depths of despair, through the mist appear a hero to take up our cause and drive us to Victory! Yes, there is a light at the end of our tunnel and …I will tell you more about that in a minute but first a message from our sponsor … me.

Are you tired of spending your hard earned cash on disposable Mop Pads, not to mention the guilt you feel about adding to our environmental problems?

Not only did Tanya Lewis share your pain, she Did something about it by inventing the Green Glider Mop Pad  which cleans rings around its’ competition but best of all it is machine washable.

That’s right, no more disposable pads for her or You.

This incredible woman went from building her own prototypes on her kitchen table to the commercial success of selling her product in Walmart and is now in talks with Target, Lowe’s and Albertson’s, among others. As you can imagine, her road to success had its’ share of bumps and moments of glory. She will be sharing all of that and more while giving you the tools to build your American Dream at our meeting a week from this Saturday on 11/10/18.

BUT you Must register here  to attend.

All of the details are on the registration page and our website

But Wait There’s More …

One of the most frustrating part about being an inventor is knowing the skills you need to succeed but not being able to acquire them and the most dreaded skill of all is the Almighty Pitch. We all know, that without being able to draw your target audience into the realization of the unbelievably fulfilling vision you have in store for them. Ya Got Squat.

One again, our hero appears out of the mist.

Our December 8th speaker Dan Gudema is an expert on the subject. Not only has he created and secured funding for several successful high tech start ups, including a dating site, he founded StartupPOP which is an incredible resource for inventors and entrepreneurs. They hold events where up to 10 people get to give a 3 minute pitch to a panel of experts and investors in order to get funding or valuable advice to make their offering more enticing the next time.

Mr. Gudema is also a prolific author on the subject having written 5 books (which are sold on Amazon) and has appeared in articles for several magazines including Forbes and regularly writes blog articles about tech startups on Medium and Linkedin. His Journal on StartupPOP contains a wealth of knowledge, suggestions, opportunities and observations. I’ve gotten lost there for hours just absorbing everything.

How much would you pay for this great educational opportunity? 10, 20, 50, 100 dollars? NO !!!

The best part is it is absolutely FREE!!! Consider this an early Holiday Gift.

BUT you Must register here   to attend.

Our meetings have been bordering on full capacity. If we get a waiting list I can ask the center to open the wall and give us more chairs. If you just show up and we are full, due to the fire codes, we will have to turn you away.

And now, back to our original discussion…

It seems like just about every other day our old friend, Gene Quinn and his crew at IP Watch Dog are regaling the exploits, on our behalf, of the new Director of the USPTO, Andrei Lancu.  Here is an article on harmonizing the dreaded PTAB . Here is another on how patent boundaries should be the same in every court .

Others have now taken up the cause. The Alliance for U.S. Startups & Inventors for Jobs (USIJ)  is a new group made up of some serious people. They along with the National Small Business Association are backing the STRONGER Patents Act (S. 1390/H.R. 5340) which is another new bill in our favor that appears to have real teeth. In all honesty, I have not read the full bill but here it is in its’ entirety for now,

Last week I got a call from Lily Ellis a PhD student at Cornell University. She is working on the psychological effect the present AIA and PTAB have on Independent Inventors i.e. the despair we have all been feeling for such a long time. I was truly impressed with her passion to make things right and restore the American Dream. I will be calling for volunteers to give her interviews at our next meeting to help with her dissertation research which she hopes will lead to a long term career of helping inventors and entrepreneurs. We will be hearing more from her in the not too distant future.

Let us not forget the tireless work done by Randy and the gang at US Inventor  Their full length video, Invalidated is available on Amazon . They are urging us to back H.R. 6557 the new Inventor Protection Act here is an article on that bill Wr

It’s been a couple of tough years but there is a light shining from the end of the tunnel and it doesn’t appear to be a fire breathing avatar or the beginning of a new Soap Opera. It is a new day dawning for the Independent Inventors’ community.

Finally, It’s Our Time To Shine,


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