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March, 2019
Request for Action from Josh Malone
Inventor of Bunch O’Balloons
The new Director of the Patent Office has worked very hard to implement reforms to once again protect the rights of inventors and resuscitate the U.S. patent system. The big corporations hate it! They are lobbying hard to undo this crucial work. We have to act to show our support through official comments to the public record. The 2019 Revised Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance is open for only a few more days to public comment. This is not a letter or petition that can be ignored, rather your opinion actually becomes part of the regulation – a vestige of the first principles that we are a government “by the people”. But with 100’s of comments filed to repeal this common sense rule, it is urgent that we respond with equal or greater force. Winning means showing up for the fight.
Option 1 – Get’r Done
Copy and paste the content below to the body of an email and send to [email protected];
I write in support of the 2019 Revised Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance.This guidance will improve the clarity, consistency, and predictability of examination and post issuance review of patents by the USPTO. Recent rulings by the courts and the USPTO have been ambiguous and contradictory. Even experienced attorneys are not able advise inventors as to whether their inventions are patentable. In cases where a patent has already been issued, there is no certainty as to whether it will be upheld. The new guidelines will provide a thorough, consistent, and logical application of the current law on subject matter eligibility.
This guidance does not expand on the Supreme Court holdings in Alice. This guidance does not expand on recent lower court rulings that certain inventions are patent eligible under the Alice test. It does not ignore other decisions nor distort the law, but rather acknowledges and solves the conundrum of confusing and apparently contradictory holdings. Adoption of this guidance will provide order, clarity, uniformity, and reduce disputes over section 101 in the courts and the USPTO.
Thank you for yours effort to position the United States to retake the lead in the next wave of technological innovation in areas like quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and medical diagnostics. Protection for discoveries is these fields is the absolute best way to promote progress in science and useful arts in our modern day.
Option 2 – High Impact
Write your own letter of support and email to [email protected]. It can be 50 words or 5,000 words – totally up to you. Just make sure that you say you support the new guidelines. Some suggestions:
    • Reword the italicized content above.
    • Add a paragraph about your personal experience and concerns about protecting inventions
    • Select portions of this IP Watchdog article and copy/paste or restate in you own words.
    • Review the official guidance, then copy and paste portions that you appreciate, with edits or comments to show that you agree with each particular point. An email with just one statement is enough to make high impact.
This will not happen without you, once again we need all hands on deck. Feel free to share your questions or suggestions, my contact info is below.
 Josh Malone
 Inventor of Bunch O Balloons
 Volunteer with US Inventor
 Plano, TX U.S.
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