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Aug, 2018
Les Holland, Cathy Margolin, James Lindsey, George Margolin, Josh Malone, Laura Myers, Kate Gonzales, Doug Masi, Lance Davidson, Keith Shuman
On Friday, August 17th, members of the IAA met with Kate Gonzales, the Legislative Aid for Kyrsten Sinema, to discuss the concerns of individual inventors regarding the weaknesses in our patent protection system in the United States. Our patent system has been drastically changed by a decade of laws, regulations and court decisions that have discouraged innovation by failing to secure to inventors the exclusive rights to their discoveries. In an effort to restore strong patent rights for independent independent inventors, the Inventor Protection Act (HR6557) was introduced into the US House of Representatives on July 26th, 2018. Inventor groups across the country are meeting with elected officials in their states to bring our concerns to light and ask for support in passing this bill.
The IAA will be meeting with several other elected officials at our State Capitol in the coming weeks to educate our district representatives and other officials on the current situation and ask for their support. If you are interested in joining one of these meetings, please contact Laura at [email protected].
Josh Malone, a father of eight children, invented Bunch O’Balloons which became the hottest selling toy in America. As his product achieved top level success, it was quickly copied by a large corporate entity which had millions of dollars to engage in any litigation brought forth to fight this infringement. As Josh began the process of defending his patent for Bunch O’Balloons, he quickly discovered the magnitude of the weakness in our patent system.
Jonathan Cottor, an IAA Honorary Member and Marketing Consultant, and his wife Holly started Ryan House in 2004 to provide Arizona families the palliative care they received in Europe from an organization called Helen’s House when they found out their son, Ryan, had a serious, life-limiting disease.
Ryan House is a home-like environment that serves Arizona’s most medically complex children and their families as they navigate life-limiting or end-of-life journeys. Services are provided at NO COST. Ryan House is 100% community funded. You can learn more about our respite, palliative and end-of-life services by visiting our website at  
You can support Ryan House by:
  • Bidding on fabulous prizes donated by our amazing supporters. 
  • Making a tax deductible donation in the Ryan House Direct Support category.
The children and families of Ryan House thank you for stopping by!
The auction opens on 8/18 and will close on 8/31 at midnight (9/1 at 3am EDT).