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Patent Infringement:
What Happens and What You Need To Know
Wayne Carroll, Founder of Inspired Idea Solutions
David H. Miller, IP Attorney
Whether you plan to license your invention or bring it to market yourself, you need to understand what happens if someone infringes on your patent. Patent infringement can be a problem for inventors who have worked hard not only to perfect their invention, but also to obtain patent rights. In this presentation, you will learn:
  • How to read your patent to determine if your competitor is infringing, and what your patent rights cover
  • What a claim chart is and why you need one before asserting patent rights
  • Anti-patent troll laws that can get you into trouble if you make mistakes in trying to assert your patent rights (including Arizona’s version)
  • What to expect when you sue for patent infringement, including the risk of your patent being invalidated
  • Strategies to strengthen your patent rights and make it more likely that you will get a license or a settlement
  • Why winning in a patent litigation trial may NOT be what you want
About The Keynote Speakers
Wayne Carroll
Founder of Inspired Idea Solutions Law Firm
Of counsel with Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC
Wayne Carroll is a patent and trademark attorney and the founder of Inspired Idea Solutions Law Firm. Wayne helps entrepreneurs register and protect their inspired ideas using intellectual property rights. His clients seek his help for advice on protecting intellectual property with patent, trademark, and copyright filings, as well as sending and reponding to claims of infringement of intellectual property rights. With over ten years of experience, Wayne helps entrepreneurs to select a strategy that fits in their business plan and their budget.
David H. Miller
Intellectual Property Attorney
Global Patent Solutions
David Miller is an IP attorney with expertise in assessing patent validity and infringement issues. His clientele typically includes attorneys who need specialized assistance in finding prior art. His technical background is in Mechanical Engineering and he has analyzed patents and inventions covering the spectrum of mechanical and medical devices, high-tech manufacturing, and electronic components. David’s legal insights are based upon his passion for making and using technology. David is one of the rare IP attorneys who has worked on both chicken-house patents and actual chicken houses!
LOCATION: Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation  
         Gateway Community College
           275 N Gateway Drive (38th St & Van Buren)
           Phoenix, AZ 85034  
DATE: Wednesday, June, 2018
TIME: 7pm to 9pm
    Door Fee: $20 for non-members   
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