Reminder: ANNOUNCEMENT: Important Initiative To Represent American Inventors

July 2020
Important information from our Inventor Rights Liaisons, Jade Powers & Randy Delafuente
Calling all Inventors
INVENTOR ELECTION: July 20-27, 2020
(NOTE: Voting goes live Monday! Those who have pre-registered will receive a notification. If you haven’t registered PLEASE DO!)
US Inventor, a non-profit organization that advocates for the rights of inventors, is hosting an election to choose one or more delegates to sit on the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC). The PPAC is an official committee created by the United States Congress and charged with reviewing the USPTO operations and advising the Director of the USPTO.
Inventors rely on patents to protect our inventions, access capital, build businesses, and create jobs. Research and experience have proven that independent inventors and small businesses are important sources of innovation. We need trustworthy and capable advocates who will ensure that the USPTO addresses the needs and interests of inventors.
Inventors, this is the time to take action and be heard. This is your chance to look into the issues and these inventors who are willing to represent you on that committee. You can take a look at them and decide who you want to vote for to represent you. The voting will occur in just a few days, so time is of the essence. Thank you for raising your voices for inventors across America.
Everyone who supports inventors is encouraged to participate in this election. Candidate profiles and interviews will be posted soon 
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