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Alamo Inventors Meeting

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Alamo Inventors, Inc
non-profit 501(c)3

Monthly Meeting
Christmas Party
Plenty of Free Pizza and Refreshments
Day / Date: FRIDAY, December 7th, 2018

FREE Network Hour: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Presentation:  7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The networking and presentation will be held in the atrium and the conference room, respectively, on the south side of the building which faces Fredericksburg Road.

San Antonio Technology Center (SATC)
3463 Magic Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78229

San Antonio Startup Raises Record $8.3M In 2018 – Hear the Story

Guest Speaker:
Shaun Edwards

Shaun Edwards will tell the story on how the San Antonio company, Plus One Robotics Inc., he co-founded raised a startup record $8.3M in venture capital funding in 2018.  Shaun will explain their innovative approach to acquiring  investors and the difficulties the co-founders overcame to raise the record capital funding.

Plus One Robotics has partnered with leaders in robot manufacturing, system integration, and e-commerce to integrate the PickOne Perception System the company developed into existing robots for the order fulfillment and parcel shipping sector.  The startup launched the new system in May after a trial with an undisclosed customer and is leasing about 4,500 square feet of office and research laboratory space at Port San Antonio.

The PickOne Perception System combines 2-D and 3-D computer vision systems with machine learning software to create a computer-guided picking system compatible with major robot brands. The system helps robots used in order fulfillment and parcel shipping markets to “see” items, pick them up, and dispatch package parcels.   Thus, the system mitigates the persistent shortage of manual labor and allows personnel to flow from monotonous tasks to higher value work.

Prior to Plus One, Mr. Edwards, a former Southwest Research engineer, co-founded other organizations. One such organization is ROS-Industrial , the main goal of which is to enable new applications and reduce project costs for industrial robotics by leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Robot Operating System (ROS) software.

The New Patent Law Has Problems For Inventors
Independent inventors and start-up’s depend on strong patents to defend their inventions, however recent changes to the patent law have significantly weakened inventor’s intellectual property rights to the point that they can no longer depend on their patents to protect their innovations.  For information on the intellectual property problems, please see the movie, Invalidated: The Shredding Of The US Patent System.  Click the below image for a trailer of the movie/documentary.   You can also see the documentary on Amazon and iTunes , free with Amazon Prime subscription, or $2 otherwise.

For additional information on the patent problems, click Here.

Question & Answer Session w/ Alan Beckley
During the network hour from 6:00 PM – 6:30 PM in the meeting room, Alan Beckley will be available, via Skype, to answer your invention questions.  For more information on Alan Beckley, see the information provided in the Licensing section below.

Please take this opportunity at the meeting to pay your 2018-2019 annual dues ($25/$95 Corporate).  You can renew online with PayPal on our website. Student membership is free. Guests are always welcome.

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Alan Beckley is a Dallas, Texas inventor who successfully licensed his invention, the Wonder Wallet for royalties to Allstar Products.  In the first year, over 1,000,000 wallets were sold.  Now, he helps others to license their inventions by leveraging what he has learned.

United States Patent & Trademark Office Information
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A-Z Definitions Of Intellectual Property Terminology

Basic Facts About Trademarks: What Every Small Business Should Know Now, Not Later

How To Conduct A Preliminary U.S. Patent Search

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Fusion 360 is free to students, teachers, small businesses making less than $100,000 per year, and hobbyists using Fusion 360 for non-commercial purposes.  Click here (AutoDesk) to see the license information and activation instructions and here to download.  The CAD files can be saved privately or shared, as desired and the software can be used either online or offline.  The Fusion 360 license is renewable yearly for free.

Click here (YouTube) to view 13 excellent and intuitive Fusion 360 lessons by Paul McWhorter.  It’s surprising how easy an advanced CAD program can be learned with the right instructions! 

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Patent Drafting Basics: Instruction Manual Detail is What You Seek

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About Alamo Inventors, Inc

Founded in 2000, the Alamo Inventors organization holds monthly meetings for the inventor community and provides access to resources supporting the inventing, entrepreneurship, and patent protection process. Monthly programs include a network hour prior to the meeting.  Member meetings include a notable guest speaker who typically shares their experience and advice about their journey of taking their idea to market.

Alamo Inventors, Inc is a not for profit 501(c)3


Alamo Inventors is a recognized group by the United Inventors Association,

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