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Attention all members of IGA, the Inventors Groups of America! We’ve built a new global entrepreneurs alliance for you to call home. By joining this new alliance, you will have access to all the benefits you enjoyed with IGA, as well as a vast network of entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe, allowing you to connect, collaborate and share your ideas with like-minded individuals. This can open doors to new markets, partnerships, and funding opportunities that you may have never known existed before.

Moreover, you’ll have access to an array of valuable resources, such as our expert-guided workshops, Launchpad trusted service providers, and access to companies looking for ideas. You’ll also have access to the latest trends and insights in your industry, giving you a competitive edge in your field. So, don’t hesitate to join this new alliance, and take advantage of all the opportunities it can offer to help you take your inventions to the next level!

As an inventor and coach, I highly recommend being part of this new network.

Entrepreneur groups have provided me with a platform to connect with other individuals who share my passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

I have gained access to valuable resources such as mentorship and business support that have helped me to turn my inventions into 40 licensed products!

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