Just What The Doctor Ordered

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Just What The Doctor Ordered

The Medical Design Excellence Awards are like the Oscars for Doctors and others in the medical profession. They will be held on June 11th 2019 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York but now is the time to submit your entry.

Oh sure, they have categories like Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Devices, Cardiovascular Devices as well as Digital Health Products and Mobile Medical Apps but I know some of our members and friends could enter categories like ER and OR Tools, Equipment and Supplies, Over the Counter and Self Care Devices. How many have Nonsurgical Hospital Supplies and equipment like Bed supplies could that be a pillow or patient moving devices? Humm? Check it out here http://bit.ly/2PEYLs5

Oscars and MDEA not your speed? How about an Emmy? That’s right another TV show is looking for Inventors. Here is the email they sent me.


Thousands of Americans are selling products they either make, wholesale, license or invent.  They are the modern day Steve Jobs, Joy Manganos and Kylie Jenners of America, and they have one thing in common:  they want to sell their product BIG.

This revolutionary new business format from All3Media and Studio Lambert (the production companies behind Undercover Boss) will give you – the inventor, the entrepreneur, the dreamer – the chance to find out what potential consumers REALLY think about your product.  And also potentially secure life-altering orders from huge retailers who can launch your product instantly across America.

Chosen entrepreneurs will get 90 seconds to “sell” their product to a live studio audience filled with potential customers.  Get enough sales from the audience and you’ll have the chance to sell to giant retailers who have the power to buy in massive quantities.

If you have a brilliant product that you are convinced should be in every American home then apply now.  Simply send me an email with your name, product name, contact info and most importantly a description of your product.

His name is Scott Salyers and his email address is [email protected]

It is Election Day and I am compelled to get political!

We need our members to Vote… by 12/8/18 to comply with our Bylaws to reelect our Officers. If you would like to run, by all means, simply contact the Election Committee Chairperson before the next meeting or very shortly after that. Oh yea, there may be a problem with that as we are currently looking for a volunteer to BE the Election Committee Chairperson. Actually, we are pretty desperate to fill the position.

All you have to do as Election Committee Chairperson is collect the information from anyone who wants to run and count the votes at the meeting on 12/8/18. Technically, we should have 2 people on the committee. You can volunteer by emailing me at [email protected]

We will be sending out the ballot at the end of November to all the voting members we have on file. If you don’t receive a ballot by December 1st but think you are a member please let me know. You can mail in your vote or bring it to the December meeting.

While still feeling quite Presidential

I want you to know we are almost at capacity for our meeting this Saturday 11/10/18 for WIN! WIN! WIN!!!It doesn’t get much better than this… where Tanya Lewis will be telling us how she went from making her product on her kitchen table to selling in Walmart and how you can do it too.

You need to register as early as you can…heck do it right now here http://bit.ly/2xtcnfM  or you may wind up on the waiting list but that’s OK too because if we reach waiting list status early enough I can go to the Civic Center and with my best Ronald Reagan impersonation I can say, “Patch Reef Park … Take Down That Wall…and can we have a few more chairs please”. WOW that would be another WIN for us.

Another win for you would be to sign up for our December 8th meeting where Dan Gudema will teach us how to put together and give the dynamic pitch that could almost guarantee the  success of your project. Believe it or not, we already have a lot of people signed up. Maybe you should do it too right now or you may be left in the hallway. Hopefully, I’ll get to do my impersonation again but that will only happen if we get a waiting list well before the meeting.  Here is the link for the December meeting http://bit.ly/2zh7y9q    

As I have mentioned a number of times, that some people feel the USPTO is an advisory of the Independent Inventor. I personally think that is mainly because their patents keep getting rejected. However, now, more than ever before they are proving to be the Champion of the Independent Inventor putting all sorts of new initiatives and programs in place as well as fighting for our rights.

How can a poor little inventor keep up with all this stuff? Sign up for their monthly newsletter here http://bit.ly/2D8wZx9 . It is packed with all sorts of useful information.

I recently had a few people ask why I use Bitly links rather than just put the original link in our eBlasts. Well, it all started while I was eating my corn flakes one morning and a member suggested using it to cut down on the space we were using up in the newsletter. Also adding seven letters or numbers after the URL is Much easier then typing 3 or 4 lines of text where you will inevitably make at least one  mistake.

Later, I realized it is an amazing tool to see what interests our readers. So now you know and can control what I send you with the power of your Vote by clicking on the links that interest you.  

Click On, All My Friends…Click On,


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