Invitation To A Webinar From Alamo Inventors REMINDER!

How To Get Started With Your First Product

Aug, 2020
ALAMO INVENTORS ORGANIZATION in San Antonio, Texas has invited ARIZONA INVENTORS to join their next webinar!
Alamo Inventors
Online Meeting
Wed, August 12, 2020
6pm Central Time
4pm Pacific Time
Guest Speaker: Arianna Russell
From A Made In America Success Story To How To Start Your First Product
Meeting Schedule
Join Zoom Meeting, beginning at 5:50pm Central Time
This meeting will be a video based online-only meeting, using Zoom.
Register in Advance to Attend. Email with access codes will sent to you.
Inventor Q & A, from 6pm to 6:30pm Central Time
Guest Speaker:
Arianna Russell
Arianna Russell inventor of the Bodacious iPhone case,, will speak on how she went from knowing nothing about inventing a product to developing her first idea and succeeding even when everyone told her that she wouldn’t. Arianna will share her story about how she had hundreds of people tell her that if she kept her product Made in America she would “fail” and if it was viable, “the bigger companies would have already done it by now.” Arianna will explain how her creative marketing efforts landed her on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and David Muir multiple times and as a finalist on Martha Stewart’s “American Made” Contest. She will explain how attending countless trade shows promoting her iPhone Case business taught her how to network with the likes of Daymond Johns of Shark Tank for whom she later became a 3 time brand ambassador.
Although Arianna is not making cases these days, she has taken the spirit of individuality and perseverance at the core of the Bodacious Case brand and is now using it to help others fulfill their “impossible” dreams.
Come join Arianna while she teaches and talks to you about: (1) the three main sections of bringing a product to market: designing, manufacturing and selling. (2) tips on how to avoid major mistakes, (3) how to network with people like Daymond John and others, and (4) learning the basics of marketing on a budget.
iPhones were just gaining mainstream popularity in 2009 and at the age of 21, Arianna Russell had an idea for a better phone case. She closed her company Superior Mobile Auto Detailing, that she started as a junior in high school, and set out on a new entrepreneurial journey. She spent three years and thousands of hours researching, revising, prototyping, and most importantly, making mistakes. One of those mistakes even cost her $7,500 in manufacturing costs and a retail account.
Contact Arianna at [email protected]
You can join the Zoom meeting starting at 5:50pm Central Time. You must register, and you will receive an email with the access codes.
Visiting and open Q/A 6:00 – 6:30pm Central Time
Presentation: 6:30 PM – 8:00 Central Time