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Week of December 3, 2018

Andrew Krauss would like to formally welcome you to the second ever official Inventors Groups of America Newsletter!

“Together, not apart…. inventors, inventor group leaders and IGA will educate inventors so they can bring their products to market while at the same time work together to strengthen
our patent rights.”

Andrew Krauss
Co-Founder IGA

Inventing Success Stories

Congratulations Christian Corley On Your New Product!

Christian Corley, board member of the Inventor Center of Kansas City led by Mary Moeller, invented the PowerStick. He has a full line of products in his own company, Yolotek.

Looking for a fishing holiday gift? Check out his products here: Yolotek

Inventors Center of Kansas City


IGA Spotlight

Our first person to hit our IGA spotlight is Lisa DeLuca. IBM’s prolific inventor has over 400 patents to her name, and she is also an AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassador and a Returning LinkedIn Top Voice, including one of the 2018 Top 15 Female Voices to Follow. Take a look!

Learn more about the AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassador Program here:

Watch her TED talk here!
All about Inventing: Everything You Need to Know about Patents from a Former USPTO Patent Examiner & Patent Attorney! talks about types of patents, if your product is patentable, prior art, office actions, and more!

This book has a five star rating, and will give you a plethora of insight and direction on all things patents!

Learn more: All About Inventing

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Open Innovation Friendly!

Looking for a company who wants product ideas from inventors with open arms? Grand Fusion has a system in place, is actively seeking ideas, and just might be who you have been searching for…

“We focus on product categories including travel, kitchen organization, gadgets, bath organization, closet organization, hydration, cleaning, and pet. But, we’re open to any good ideas that we can offer to our retail customers.” – Grand Fusion

Learn More Here!

Michael Weinstein was the Chief Marketing Officer at Allstar Products Group for nearly 5 years. He now heads up their Strategic Partnerships, which means he’s their Chief Product Finder! He describes himself as the guy on the hunt for Allstar’s next home run.

Have an idea you would like to pitch? Email him here! [email protected]
Check out his LinkedIn:

The Company Behind The Snuggie Wants Your Inventions
Watch Here!

Find Companies Here

Current Events

Kris Paul – President, Inventors Network of the Capitol Area

Looking to pitch your product to one of the largest ASOTV marketers? The Inventors Network of the Capital Area (INCA) is bringing Top Dog Direct to you, and they are looking for your ideas! Steve Silberger, VP of Top Dog Direct, will be giving out secrets and tips for licensing an As Seen On TV product idea. Did I mention you will have the opportunity to pitch your product to him before the meeting?

RSVP opens up December 10th.

When: February 11, 2019, 6 – 8pm
Where: Washington D.C. (Location TBD)

Inventors Network of the Capital Area

Learn More

Upcoming Trade Shows

CES 2019

January 8 – 11, Las Vegas

From 3D printing to virtual reality, this trade show is a must for all things tech.

Check out their website here

Toy Fair 2019

February 16 – 19, New York

A wonderful trade show to become a kid again!

Check out their website here

2019 International Home + Housewares Show

March 2 – 5, Chicago
Join us for another year at the Home + Housewares Show!
Check out their website here

In The News

Do you have a product idea for theme parks?
SRM Idea Lab is looking for innovative personal comfort product ideas to have in major theme parks.Deadline: Monday, December 17, 2018
Learn more about SRM Idea Lab here: SRM Idea Lab

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This Voting Invention Would Help Jurisdictions Significantly Reduce Their Costs

“Prime III, the only open source voting system that has been used in state, federal and local elections in the United States to date. Other open source voting systems exist. What makes Dr. Gilbert’s unique is that anyone, including those with disabilities, can use it.” – Stephen Key

Read Here

Inventor Resources

Top 10 Books on Prototypes

Learning about and creating prototypes is a vast area full of confusion and uncertainty. Need some direction, or don’t know where to start? These top 10 books on prototyping are perfect whether you are just starting out, or advanced in the art of making. – Edison Nation’s Blog

Take a Look!

Top 10 Books on Inventing

Looking for a holiday gift for an inventor? These top 10 books on inventing are sure to spark your creative juices! Each one is so chock-full of inventor information, you just might have to buy them all! – Edison Nation’s Blog

Top 10 List
Learn how to protect your brand from counterfeiters, with resources from the Red Points Blog. Topics they cover include new forms of piracy, counterfeit websites, and more! Red Points has brand protection solution and an anti-piracy solution that has no starting fee, no commitment, no long-term contracts, and no cancellation policies!

Learn More

The best way to protect your invention? Try stealing it from yourself.

“To successfully ‘steal’ your invention from yourself, you must also study patented inventions that are similar to yours. Because when you fully understand what’s been done before, you can hone in on your point of difference – which is also an excellent selling tool.” – Stephen Key

Gene Quinn – Patent Attorney, Founder and Editor of IP Watchdog

Patent and Innovation News

Today’s leading source for news, information, analysis and commentary in the patent and innovation industries. This is a must read to keep up-to-date on patent reform.

IP Watchdog
Power Kid PodcastLearn all about toy inventing with toy expert Phil Albritton. The only podcast dedicated to the children’s entertainment industry.

Check out the podcast

Power Kid Design

Behind the Scenes With a Former Product Manager

Stephen Key interviews Atul Patel, a former product manager with 15 years of experience mostly related to the automotive industry, including at a leading Fortune 500 company where he was responsible for hundreds of products. Atul championed new inventions and is actually an inventor himself. Recently, he left to try to license his own ideas. View The Inc. Article Here

Watch Interview Here


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Giving a Voice to Inventors on Capitol Hill

IGA is dedicated to fighting for stronger patent rights to protect independent inventors. Make your voice heard, or learn more on our website. 

IGA – The number #1 resource for inventors!

Our goals are simple:Teach inventors how to commercialize their inventions by providing them with the most current information and the best practices to bring their inventions to market.

Strengthen and support inventor groups throughout the nation.

Give a voice to the hundreds of thousands of inventors on Capitol Hill and at the USPTO on important topics.

IGA supports inventors groups across America!

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