Inventor Coaches, Consultants, Mentors & Resources

Inventors do you need help?

Here’s an inventor’s directories of coaches, consultants, mentors and resources to help guide you on your journey.

Bringing a product to market is not an easy task. It takes determination, persistence, knowledge and sometimes help.

Please note this is not an endorsement of any one person or company, but just a resource. Make sure you always do a background check on any individual or company you decide to work with.

Inventor Coaches

Brian Fried
Inventor coach & speaker
Past UIA executive Director

Lisa Lloyd
Invent solutions that sell!
She is the founder of the Arizona inventors club
Past president of UIA

Jim DeBetta
Invention and retail product placement specialist
UIA ambassador

Matt Nuccio
Consulting Design edge president-toy and game development, marketing, manufacturing, inventing consulting agency.
UIA executive board member

Warren Tuttle
Helping inventors for over 20 years take their innovative products to market
Past UIA President

Adrian Pelkus
Experience inventor personal invention consulting
Welcome to inventing with Adrian
Consultant, advisor, mentor, coach
UIA past executive board member
South Carolina inventors Forum

Carmine Denisco
Cofounder inventor launch pad
Inventor, entrepreneur, Podcaster, start up consultant
UIA President

Trevor Lambert
President enhance products
Helping inventors launch new inventions. Providing invention services.
Crowdfunding, licensing, manufacturing, consulting
UIA executive board member

Andrea Pass
PR consultant
Key to public relations success
UIA executive board member

Sandy Clearly
Helping inventors grow
SLC Group
UIA executive board member

Chris Guerrera
Business mentor and inventor coach
UIA executive board of directors

Kedma Ough
Fund, launch and grow your business
Mentor and coach
UIA executive board of directors

Rita Crompton
The inventor lady
Inventor lady offers experience, expertise and support for inventors.
UIA ambassador

Don Skaggs
Empowered inventing – Put your ideas in the best possible hands – your own
President inventors Network KY

Edward Ayres
Inventor process
Helping inventors patent, market and succeed.

Mike Marks
Invention city
Honest invention
Honest feedback based on deep experience.

Alan Beckley

Roger Brown
Invention Coach/Consultant

Amy Wenslow

Marcy McKenna

Bob Schmidt

Daymond John

Lisa Stewart

David Fedewa
Invent Tribe -inventor coach
Master monetizing product ideas until life-changing passive income

Edison Nation
Connect innovators with companies to bring new products to market

Louis Foreman
Product development, crowdfunding, e-commerce

Caroline Keane
The #1 coach for your new ideas

Patricia Nolan-Brown
Inventor, coach

Ken Johnson
Coach, speaker
Inventor of the number to best selling card game phase 10

Azhelle Wade
The toy coach

Nisha Sawhney
Coach My Idea

Aaron Rouse
Solo Inventor

Misha Sawhney
Coach My Idea

Pre & Post Crowdfunding Service

Perry The Inventor Kaye
Inventor and Ideation, Prototyping, Design & Manufacturing Source

Donteacia Seymore
Creation Nation

Tiffany Krumins
Inventor e-learning guide to product development
Education, coaching

Mike Corradini
Training, Mentoring, and Joint Venture Opportunities

Lisa Acolese
Consulting/ coaching

Brian Scanlon
Accelerating your business through digital marketing.

Lesia Farmer

The Inventing Life
Inventor Mentors

Rabbit Product Design
Product Design

Matt Yubas
Product Coach

Lisa Ascolese
Inventing A to Z

Inventor Angels
Invention Support

Brian Rayve
Invention Patenting Group

Donteacia Seymore
Venturing Coaching/Mentoring

Inventing USA
Product Development

Bryan Rayve, Invention Patenting Group
Patent and Develop Ideas

Daniel O’Connor
Inventor Coach

Alix Reed
Helping inventors get their products to market
Coach, advisor

Marc Portney
Investor, entrepreneur, business advisor, consultant

Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss
Master the art of licensing. Educating and mentoring inventors for over 21 years

Free Inventing Resources



Largest online inventors organization in the US





Free Inventors Help
Free inventor help, information and resources



Helping kids commercialize their inventions

Arthur Daemmrich
Director, Smithsonian Lemelson Center
Innovative lives program

Mojo Nation
Celebrating the creativity of the toy, game and designer community. Helping inventors of all levels.

The Lemelson Foundation
Invention has the power to improve lives

United States Intellectual Property Alliance (USIPA)
Improving United States intellectual property for a more innovative America

National Inventors Hall of Fame
World changing innovators with today’s youth


Home of the invention stories podcasts
Robert Bear

Tim Ferriss show

How I Built This
With Guy Raz

Smart Passive Income
With Pat Flynn

With John Dumas

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Inventors Helping Inventors

The Key To Licensing
With Sylvia Pomazak

Invention Museum

Thomas Edison Historical Park New Jersey
Where modern America was invented

National Museum of American History

The Henry Ford Museum

National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum

Patents and Patent Law

IP WatchDog with Gene Quinn

YouTube How-to Videos on Inventing

inventRight TV
Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss
Mastered the art of licensing. Over 650 videos

Straight 2 licensing
With Amy Jo Brogan

Sef Chang
House of royalties

The inventor lady
Rita Crompton

Invent Tribe
Invention licensing with David Fedewa

Ideas to millions with Brian Zheng

Natalie Monaco
Inventor university

Lisa Lloyd
Inspiring inventors

Dan Skaggs
Empowered inventing


Marcy McKenna
Inventing 101

Edison Nation
A community of inventors in aspiring innovators

Got invention show
Brian Fried

What the heck is that?
Gadget game show

Carrie Jeske
Encouraging ideas

Instapreneur Events

Kedma Ough
Small business superhero

Articles on Inventing and Licensing

Inventing Books

One Simple Idea
By Stephen Key
Turn your dreams into a license in Gold mine

Become a Professional Inventor
By Stephen Key

Sell Your Ideas With or Without a Patent
By Stephen Key

Licensing Ideas Using LinkedIn
By Stephen Key and Benjamin Harrison

One Simple Idea for Start Ups and Entrepreneurs
By Stephen Key

The Independent Inventors Handbook
By Louis Forman and Jill Gilbert

Invented it, Sell it, Bank it!
By Lori Greiner

The Total Inventors Manual
By Popular Science

The Inventors Bible
By Ronald Docie

How to License Your Million Dollar Idea
By Harvey Reese

Profit From Your Idea
By Richard Stims

The Power Broker
By Daymond John

Shark Tales
By Barbara Corcoran

Men, Women and Money
By Kevin O’Leary

The Lean Start Up
By Eric Ries

This Is Marketing
By Seth Godin

The Obstacle is the Way
By Ryan Holiday

Cashing In On Your Inventions
By Richard Levy

Inventor Confidential
By Warren Tuttle