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Singularity University is committed to finding solutions to Global Grand Challenges while inspiring leaders to leverage Exponential Technologies to positively impact billions of people. To do this, SU must grow beyond its existing programs and current geographic footprint. SingularityU Global leverages the passionate global community of alumni to spur Singularity University’s next phase of global growth.

The intention is for SingularityU Global to be a network of networks in local cities and countries: a combination of communities, programs, and partnerships all over the globe. Rather than a top down roll out, we utilize a community-driven approach, leveraging our alumni. This results in forward-thinking, like-minded, autonomous, interconnected communities and innovation ecosystems across the globe. Most importantly, local communities are building their own ecosystem. Therefore, they are built on the aspirations and authentic needs of the region, resulting in more engaged communities and a faster path to local impact.

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