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Contact: Alan Beckley


Helping inventors and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams more quickly.

Do you know how long it took for me to successfully commercialize my first invention – the Wonder Wallet?

13 years! No, that is not a typo, it took me that long to achieve success, working very hard.

Here is the good news. I know how to commercialize inventions much faster now – typically 1 to 3 years.

It is not magic, it is about resources, knowing what you want, and having a clear strategy to get there.

My purpose is to provide information tools and resources to help inventors like you – tools I wished existed when I began my journey. Throughout, you can download templates and .pdf information files for free. Just like the one below this text. Other information can be purchased for $10 or less.

If you have a retail-ready invention with commercial appeal, I can help you too. There are no guarantees – many products simply do not resonate in the commercial market. But, I will always give you my best advice for free.

I am working to create a webinar this summer to provide a rich variety of information and resources for inventors – stay tuned.

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