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Whether you’ve invented a great new product, or you have an ideafor an app, an online business, or a reality show, How toLicense Your Million Dollar Idea delivers the information youneed to snag a great licensing deal. Now in its third edition, thisbook has become the go-to source for budding inventors andentrepreneurs who have great ideas and want to cash in on themwithout putting themselves in financial risk. Licensing is the wayto make that happen and this book explains exactly how it’sdone.

You’ll get tested advice on how to protect your ideas and find alicensee for new products, apps, TV game shows, websites, software,and more. You’ll also learn how to develop your creative thinkingskills and objectively evaluate your ideas.

  • Explains how to protect your new idea with or without patentsand copyrights
  • Directs you in finding the perfect person at the right companyand on how to prepare a presentation that gets you to a “yes”
  • Reviews sample licensing contracts to help you understand whatyour creativity and achievement entitles you to

You’ll also read accounts from profitable inventors on their owngoof-ups and brilliant moves along their paths to success.

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