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The purpose of this site is to offer “unbiased” barcode
information to help you understand barcodes and make informed

408.275.6644 is an online business that can supply label blanks,
or they can print your barcodes for you. The company offers labels
for 6 different barcode printers and they also offer barcode labels
for any labeling requirement. Inc

Barcodes Inc. is an online company that has a free barcode
generator available on their site. They also offer a QR Code
generator, and barcode software. Talk
877.263.1343 is an online company where you can purchase UPC
& EAN versions of barcodes instantly. You can print them
yourself, or pay to have your barcode labels printed for you. This
company also offers full-color custom product labels. UPC barcodes work

Informative article from that explains UPC
barcodes and how they work., Inc.
813.514.2564, Inc. has information regarding
the history of barcodes as well as several articles to help answer
your barcoding questions. The company also offers products you can
order online to assist with your barcoding needs. Barcodes

Low cost bar codes ($89 ea.). Doesn’t require annual membership.

At Simply Barcodes®, our goal is to make ownership of UPC Barcodes and EAN Barcodes possible for business of all sizes. We believe that no one should be excluded from the market because they do not meet the requirements or because they simply cannot afford barcodes.… Global Language of Business – GS1 US

GS1 US uses a common language to identify, capture, and share
information globally. GS1 identification numbers are used to
distinguish all products. You can purchase your uinique U.P.C.
barcode on this site.

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