In 3 Days: Scrape the entire USPTO database with ProSe PRO @ Inventors Network ONLINE Mar 14th

…join us for another special meeting as we learn about the new automated
patent search technology: Pro-Se PRO
I have a lot of inventors and entrepreneurs ask me how they can really know if their idea is already patented. Because if it is, you can waste a lot of time, money and energy on an idea that’s already out there.
On Thursday March 14th at the Inventors Network ONLINE, we’ll be learning all about the new Automated Patent Search Tool, “Pro-Se PRO”.
I’ll look to see you Online on Thursday, March 14th!
How Do I Know If My Idea is Already Patented?
Join us at the Inventors Network ONLINE as we learn about how you can KNOW what’s out there in the patent landscape and how they stand up against your idea using the new Pro-Se PRO Automated Patent Search Technology Tool.
How can you really KNOW 
if your idea has already been patented?
By using the new
Pro-Se Pro Automated Patent Search Tool.
This Meeting is open for everyone at the bargain admission price of only $5, and features the high-quality, professional speakers and programs you’ve come to know us for.
When: Thursday, March 14th, 2019
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at 6:30pm, the Meeting Begins at 7:00pm
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