iig zoom meeting next week

Hello to all iig contacts-

We will have our next pay to view Zoom meeting next week.
Monday Feb 8 at 7pm

Randy Landreneau with US Inventor. (lobbyist for small inventors)  https://usinventor.org/
Attached picture of us in Wash DC 2 years ago.
He will talk about where we are regarding our patent rights (your ability to stop a large infringer)

  • What inventors have lost from bad legislation and judicial decisions
  • Who is responsible for the terrible state of our patent rights
  • What US Inventor has done to stop the bleeding
  • How to best protect yourself in the current environment
  • What US Inventor has achieved recently for inventors
  • What US Inventor is doing now to restore our rights
  • Why and how we will win this battle for the American Dream

We will charge $5 to watch and participate (ask questions) in the meeting.
You can pay me by PayPal or Venmo.
Upon receipt we will send you the Zoom link