iig meeting in a week – mark your calendars

Hello to all iig contacts:

Great meeting coming up next week.    Also look below for other presentations going on.

Monday March 8 at 7pm – Zoom meeting

Warren Tuttle is a member of the Board of Directors of the United Inventors Association, and serves on the Executive Committee. He served as the President of the Board for the past 12 years. The UIA is a national 501C3 non-profit that helps inventors with education, advocacy and marketplace access. He is also a member of both the national non-profit Pro Bono Patent Commission and USPTO National Council on Expanding American Innovation. Professionally, Warren oversees the Open Innovation product programs for several industry leading consumer goods companies including Lifetime Brands in Housewares and Table Top (Farberware, Kitchen Aid and 30 others) and Merchant Media in Direct Response Television (Smart Spin, True Touch and many others). Warren personally interacts via email or phone with thousands of inventors every year and has initiated over 100 new product licensing agreements which have collectively generated over a billion $ in retail sales.

Also author of a new book.
***We will draw 1 name for a free copy
Here’s the website: http://www.inventorconfidential.com.

    Here’s a brief synopsis: Inventor Confidential: The Honest Guide to Profitable Innovating covers a wide range of topics, all dedicated to promoting grass roots innovation in America. The first half of the book describes what a successful corporate Open Innovation program looks like and why it is important for companies to search outside their four walls for disruptive and profitable innovation. I spend a fair amount of time describing proven mechanics, explaining why the outside contractor model works best, and recapping my own extensive experience of how I got into the innovation arena, both personally and professionally. Of equal importance, I explain to independent innovators (inventors, product developers, designers and makers) how to develop new products the proper way and license them for profit. The second half of the book focuses on the myriad challenges today’s inventors fall prey to, including invention industry marketers taking their money without supplying profitable results, big tech companies diluting the patent system, challenges at the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as Washington DC lobbyists and politics. I end the book with a section on the importance of organic innovation, why it’s critical in digging out of economic recession, and what everyone in our society, from the supreme court to board rooms, can do to improve the current state of US innovation, otherwise we may soon lose our historic place as the world’s leading innovator.

We will collect email addresses and send the Zoom link in the afternoon before the meeting.

We will charge $5 to watch and participate (ask questions) in the meeting.

You can pay me by PayPal or Venmo.