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February 2021 Newsletter Issue #39
Congratulations, Don Skaggs, on your amazing educational weekly videos that are helping inventors in a BIG way! 
Below is one of his many videos posted on his channel, Empowered Inventing!
In addition to being a successful inventor & entrepreneur, Don has mentored, coached and consulted with literally hundreds through his work with the Inventors Network KY for over the past 15 years. Don Skaggs is the President of the Inventors Network in Kentucky.
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Patent Designs
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Thanks to everyone for coming to yet another Inventors Online to kickstart 2021 and hit the ground running with maxing out at 100! In our first Fireside Chat, Dimitry Boss talked about the difference between venturing and licensing, and his experiences with both! What was your favorite takeaway?

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Inventors Online!
LA New Product Development Team
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When you first come up with an idea, how do you know it’s worth moving forward with? What idea should you start with, how do you research it, and create an invention that truly sells?
At our first Inventors Online Workshop, we will walk you through how to come up with successful ideas, and how to do the market research needed to put your best foot forward in the licensing game. We have teamed up with Andy Barkin and Terry O’Mara – that’s right, two guests in one action packed hour! Andy will be focusing on ideation and how to come up with an idea that has merit, and Terry will do the market research to see how much merit it truly has – all demonstrated live!

IGA’s Workshops will always leave you with action steps and key takeaways so you can do it too! Come join our workshop on February 24th, learn about ideation and market research, and get your questions answered in this very hands-on important meeting – it really is the first step in licensing! If you are already an IGA member you will get a link to join. Not a member? Join here!
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Ward Law Office Video Series
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When: Thursday, February 25, 12 PM – 1 PM PST

Everyone can learn something from wine making’s long history of innovation and entrepreneurship. Don’t miss this chance to learn about a fascinating industry and ongoing efforts to create a fair and equitable future for all innovators and entrepreneurs. Slots are limited, so register early for this special event.

USPTO Deputy Commissioner for Patents Valencia Martin-Wallace, Julia Coney of Black Wine Professionals and a group of distinguished guest will discuss how the National Council for Expanding American Innovation works to encourage and empower underrepresented innovators. The conversation will cover IP, small businesses, and more. – USPTO

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Concept Illustration and Sell Sheets by Kenny Kiernan
Grab their attention with a dynamic, stylized sell sheet and fun, packaging-style concept illustrations!

Kenny has over 20 years of experience illustrating for advertising, consumer packaging, and toy & game companies such as Hasbro, Mattel, Spin Master and Lego. He uses his expertise in the attention-getting visual language of toys, consumer product packaging and advertising to design lively, eye-catching sell sheets and fun concept illustrations of your idea – make a big impression!

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Join the IAA and learn the Story of Protecting Rainbow Loom!

WEDNESDAY, March 3rd, 2021
7pm Arizona Time (6pm PT, 7pm MT, 8pm CT, 9pm ET)

In 2010 an independent inventor, Choon Ng, invented the Rainbow Loom, a loom for making rubber band bracelets. In 2013 and 2014 the Rainbow Loom was perhaps one of the hottest toys in the world. It was a great success, but not without challenges from infringement.

Rainbow Loom: In The Beginning
Counterfeits and various types of infringements flooded the US, Europe and Asia. Ted Olds and John Siragusa of Carlson, Gaskey & Olds P.C. headed up the intelletual
Property is the licensed product or invention. You don’t license your invention, you license the intellectual property rights related to your invention.

” href=”https://inventleaders.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=8a8e71a338ef4d5a1aa84a3e6&id=30e9898392&e=d8522376da” style=”color: rgb(237, 94, 41); font-weight: normal; text-decoration: underline;” class=””>property

law firm team charged with stopping these actions. As our March 2021 Keynote Speakers, Ted and John will explain what worked and what did not work to address this problem. Also, they will cover steps that were taken early so that Rainbow Loom had the tools to limit the counterfeits and infringements. Rainbow Loom enjoyed the success every independent inventor dreams about, and this is the story of the headaches that can come with that success, and how to minimize them. Join us to learn:

  1. The Rainbow Loom Story
  2. Copiers, counterfeiters and knockoffs
  3. Enforcement and prevention – action in the courts and with customs.
  4. Lessons learned and strategy for new products – IAA
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Tiffin Metal Products
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