IAA Open Door Meeting: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

How To Be A Tradeshow Pro
Even On Your First Try!
Date: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018
Alan Tarr
Founder of Money Words Marketing
Creator of Write Like A Madman Online Library
For the inventor trying to turn his or her invention into a new product on the market, trade shows are key for getting in front of the right people. Trade shows are an important part of an effective marketing strategy designed to boost brand visibility and position your product to potential buyers, licensing partners, investors, manufacturers and more. Trade shows are also an excellent place to gauge current industry trends as well as an opportunity to build relationships with buyers and manufacturers in order to convert those relationships into future opportunities.
The design and display of your booth is of great importance as this will draw the right people in and make a lasting impression. Your use of color, materials, engaging text in your signage and actual product display makes a physical and visual statement that will stay in the minds of the right people. Never underestimate the value of your preparation for this important event. It can take months!
Our speaker for October will walk you through the preparation of booth design, discuss the importance of power words in your signage and how to prepare your booth in a way that maximizes your brand.
Alan Tarr (aka The MoneyWords Copywriter) is a former Madison Avenue copywriter who discovered it was far more satisfying (and profitable) to use his talents to found and market four of his own small businesses.
Alan has planned, coordinated, and manned and often paid for, over a dozen Trade Shows. He understands that success at a trade show is not luck, coincidence or good timing. It is the result of smart planning, implementation and follow-through.
Alan is also the author of The Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing (2007), WIN The Marketing Game and STOP Wasting Money (2016), Write Like A MAD MAN And Make Money Like Crazy (2018) and over 100 articles and guides on marketing, branding and copywriting.
Alan speaks regularly to many Arizona-based groups, but in his quest to bring marketing education to a wider audience, he created the Write Like A MAD MAN Online Library consisting of over 210 guides & tutorials, tips & templates, video mini-lessons, visual quotes and his own creation TWIZDOMS – Marketing Wisdom In Twitter-sized Bites. The library’s content is 100% original.
Apart from his business life as a branding specialist, copywriter and coach, Alan’s passions are playing golf, making music and attending musical theater. Alan holds a BBA and MA degrees and the Certified Franchise Executive designation (CFE).
LOCATION: Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation  
         Gateway Community College
           275 N Gateway Drive (38th St & Van Buren)
           Phoenix, AZ 85034  
DATE: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018
TIME: 7pm to 9pm
    Door Fee: $20 for non-members   
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