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Marketing Essentials Part 2:
Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jonathan Cottor
President & CEO of MetriMedia LLC
In this Part 2 series of Marketing Your Invention, we’ll continue our discussion on Marketing Essentials that we started during the February 2018 meeting. Now, we’ll take a deeper dive on the importance of promoting your product’s benefits instead of rattling off all the features it has, and why that will create stronger relevance for your customer and stimulate greater opportunity for sales. Next, we will work through powerful positioning statements about your idea that becomes the cornerstone of your “elevator pitch” and future presentations. this session will be interactive and full of group discussion. We’ll also do a quick review of the key highlights from Part 1, so be sure to bring any questions you may still have.
During this workshop, you will take away actionable tips to masterfully think and shape your marketing plans:
  • Review of Marketing Essentials from Part 1 – Knowing your target audience, the 4P’s, using Relevance, Differentiation, and Motivation as filters for your presentations and communication plans
  • Part 2: Why focusing on Benefits rather than features will be more motivating for your customer to purchase
  • Honing in on a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – the one main thing
  • How Positioning Statements that “punch” will set your idea apart from the competition
  • What are the building blocks of impactful positioning statements, and how to create them
  • Coming up with that breakthrough Tagline
  • Crafting that perfect “Elevator Pitch” that says it all
About The Keynote Speaker
Jonathan Cottor, MBA
President & CEO
Metrimedia LLC
Jonathan’s career spans almost 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial ventures. He is a best practice consumer marketer, having worked with global organizations including Unilever and General Mills/Pillsbury. Jonathan has led marketing and sales teams for such loved brands as the Pillsbury Doughboy, Breyer’s Ice Cream, Dial soap and others. One of his proudest accomplishments is co-founding a successful nonprofit here in Phoenix called “Ryan House.”
Jonathan has walked in your shoes as an Entrepreneur, and shared his experiences and expertise as a College Professor & Keynote Speaker. Described as a Marketing Guru, he now draws upon treasured insights to help clients unlock excellence. His marketing agency, Metrimedia, designs visual tools that reinforce specific behaviors to create positive habits. Their exclusive StatiXlings (TM) brand static clings are memory trigger posters that allow in-your-face reminders for only the most important behaviors. Now key messages can be exactly where you need them to be without any damage. (Please visit memorytriggers.com for more info).
LOCATION: Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation  
         Gateway Community College
           275 N Gateway Drive (38th St & Van Buren)
           Phoenix, AZ 85034  
DATE: Wednesday, May 2, 2018
TIME: 7pm to 9pm
    Door Fee: $20 for non-members   
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