IAA Open Door Meeting, Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 REMINDER! It’s this Wednesay!

Cothrun Manufacturing, LLC
Small Scale Precision Machining Fabrication
Our April Open Door meeting will focus on what is required to move an idea from paper sketches and drawing to an idea with potential to be manufactured. We will learn how that is progressed to the prototyping phase, cost analysis and prototype development, then on to small scale and short scale production. The discussion will be an open dialog, interactive format and you will learn:
  • How to look at your design/process
  • Who are the clients you hope to reach
  • Methods of prototyping and prototype development
  • Moving a prototype to production
  • Small scale production vs. large scale production                      
Thomas Cothrun is the Founder and Owner of Cothrun Manufacturing LLC, a small-scale precision machining fabrication shop, located in Flagstaff, AZ. Before starting his company, he taught engineering students at Northern Arizona University (NAU) how to design and manufacture for 11 years, he lead firearm design, development and custom fabrication with Reeder Custom Guns for 7 years, as well as 8 seasons of being a wildland firefighter, where he was an ignition specialist, firefighter, sawyer, squad boss and heavy equipment boss. He has designed and manufactured tools used to this day for falling of high-risk trees, deploying firefighting gear, and fire suppression hose lays. In his professional career in the manufacturing world, Thomas designed and manufactured components and assemblies for companies such as Raytheon, Boeing, General, Dynamics, Gore and Orbital ATK, as well as research equipment used in cutting edge research projects at NAU, ASU, and Sandia Research Labs in New Mexico.
LOCATION: Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation  
         Gateway Community College
           275 N Gateway Drive (38th St & Van Buren)
           Phoenix, AZ 85034  
DATE: Wednesday, April 3, 2019
TIME: 7pm to 9pm
    Door Fee: $20 for non-members   
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