IAA Open Door Meeting: Shark Tank, Amazon And Other Paths To Market REMINDER

Aug, 2020
Keynote Speaker:
Fate Favors The Curious
“We are so much more than our titles. We are not VP’s, or Staff, or Interns. We are individuals motivated by our passions. Mine is to feed my curiosity. This simple mantra has been my compass as I navigate this world for the last 47 years.”
Wednesday, August 5, 2020
7:00pm PT
Have a great product idea but don’t know where to start? Always wanted to have your own Amazon store or run your own Kickstarter? Maybe you think you have what it takes to be on Shark Tank?
Babak Forutanpour has over 25 years experience designing technical systems that delight. His research has been awarded over 100 patents and VFX work featured in X-Men and other Hollywood films. He created and grew Qualcomm’s employee-driven innovation program from eight employees to over 3,000 on four continents.
Babak is the Founder of The Brilliant Co. where they make products so good your friends will wrestle you for them! Their patented inventions have been featured on ABC’s The Toy Box, NBC’s Today Show, Gizmodo, Inc., Daily Mail and Star Magazine. Currently in development are TILTD, The Tooth Diary, PRESSD, ONEderball, Baker Buddy, KLEAN and LifeGoesPOP. Along with bringing their own products to market, they work with inventors to help bring their creations to store shelves. The Brilliant Co. is currently designing robots that pay cash for phones to keep them out of landfills. brilliantcompany.com
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