Holy Cow ! Great Stuff Galore! ISSF


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Holy Cow! Great Stuff Galore!

I’ve gotta say, all sorts of opportunities and items of interest have been flooding my in box. So it is time to share some.

Those of you who came to our last meeting know how great it was. Chris Nolan was the first in our 3 part series of wildly successful entrepreneurs. He is an Actuator. He told us of several companies that he found just floundering, getting nowhere fast, for which he put together a viable strategy that he then implemented turning those companies into multimillion / Billion / MultiBillion Dollar projects. Most importantly he told us how he did it.

Here are links to 2 of his handouts the first contain 2 articles on Angel Investing By The Numbers which gives real insight into that industry http://bit.ly/2oEYCpV . The second is on a new system to finance your start up called Revenue Sharing http://bit.ly/2F3eMTX .

Leigh Rothschild  will be speaking on 3/10/18 and has been incredibly successful in the  high tech industry. He has built and sold several companies, been on both sides of infringement litigation and has personal experience with the dreaded PTAB. If you don’t know what that is you need to find out because it is killing our industry.

On 4/14/18 Joel Hartstone will be giving us a presentation from his highly acclaimed course called the  One Day MBA. Joel started out as a very successful Acquisition Attorney working billion dollar deals every day. His interest grew to include managing over 50 radio stations in 20 markets and held ownership interests in over a dozen television stations. His accomplishments go on and on.

To find out more about these presentations go to our website www.inventors-society.net and go to the bottom of the home page. There you will see a box with links to  past and future speakers.

New Inventor TV Show

Our old friend Don Debelak told us about a new TV show starting this Sunday 3/4/18 at 8:00 am EST called Inventors Showdown staring Akos Jankura from the My Cool Invention show. Money talks is the premise of the show. Inventors show their products and the live audience votes by buying the products. The inventor who sells the most product gets to move on to the next level.

Just in case you haven’t hear of My Cool Invention this is a Great platform for everybody. On this show they usually have 3 or 4 inventors show their product and the audience vote on each invention. It is a great way to test market your product and it is the first step to get on the new show. Best of all it is all totally FREE !!! As many of you already know I Love FREE. Here is a link to Don’s article http://bit.ly/2F3NSeV and here is Akos’s show http://mycoolinventionsradio.com/

More Videos

Another long time friend of the group, Product Coach Matthew Yubas has released a set of educational videos sharing the knowledge he has collected over his many years in the invention industry. This is a treasure trove of knowledge and it is FREE !!! We Love Free. Check it out here http://bit.ly/2F5D0ci .

One Cool Invention  

One of our past warm up speakers, Hai Nguyen, is running a kickstarter campaign for his product which is a new type of beverage cooler. Unlike most insulated technology that just tries to maintain the liquids original temperature, this uses a frozen medium to actually supper chill it and keep it colder longer. The campaign is for his wine chiller http://kck.st/2COtpo9 but he also has a can and bottle chiller on his website https://aonixis.com/

A Truly Incredible Opportunity

Last but definitely not least, David Woods President of the Inventors Counsel of Central Florida is holding a pitch event on Monday March 19th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at Familab in Longwood FL to get your product into the As Seen On TV Market. Ain’t that Awesome ?!? In his words:

Carrie Jeske of www.willitlaunch.com wants to license your patented or un-patented product idea and sell it though “As Seen on TV.” She and her team can take your idea and develop, market and sell it at no cost to you and provide you with a royalty on the wholesale sales. Other arrangements are also possible depending on your stage of development.

You can either pitch your idea or be a spectator but space is limited so you need to get a ticket by going to this web page http://bit.ly/2F3NoFt Best of all, you know what I am going to say… IT’S FREE !!!

We just Love FREE!


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