Free Bonus Resources for Registered Attendees at InventorCon 21

InventorCon 21
Overcoming Obstacles
for Inventors & Entrepreneurs
Register now for 2021’s BIG EVENT for Inventors & Entrepreneurs – InventorCon 21!
This is a Live Virtual Event with world-class speakers from the inventing and entrepreneurship world, interactions in break-out sessions on patenting, licensing, funding, and more.
– And you get all this from your home or office – so there’s NO EXCUSE not to be there!
What Do You Get When You Register for InventorCon 21?
Registering for InventorCon 21 Gets You Access to All These Valuable Resources:
…and So Much More!
We’ll be announcing even more great resources in the coming days.
…you get all this from the comfort of your home or office!
*Resources will be made available to registered attendees at the end of the conference.
“If you want to be the best you can be as an inventor or entrepreneur – you’ve got to grow yourself! You’ve got to take time to sharpen the axe, because your idea doesn’t grow until you do. And InventorCon 21 is one of the best ways to grow your idea on its way to a concrete product or business.” – Don Skaggs
This is a world-class inventing and entpreneur conference designed to teach, enlighten & reenergize you, your idea and what you do with it – led by today’s top inventors, entrepreneurs & thought leaders in the inventing world.