February Meeting Announcement

NOTICEThe on-site HIA meetings normally held at the Bayland Community Center on the 2nd AND 3rd Wednesdays remain closed for the safety of our members during the ongoing Coronavirus situation, and the facemask and social distancing requirements of public meetings. However, when possible, we will be presenting remote live Zoom presentations which you can attend from the comfort of your home.
Join Or Renew Your HIA Membership for 2021 with a Debit or Credit Card
Due to the continuing Coronavirus situation we are now providing Members with enhanced benefits and access for 2021 for only $50. Benefits now include:
  • Free access to all On-site and Online Open-door Meetings.
  • Free access to videos of past On-site Open-door Meeting speaker presentations.
  • Free access to On-site and Online “Confidential Special Help Meetings” where everyone signs a non-disclosure agreement and attendees can discuss their product/concept openly and receive one-
  on-one help and advice.
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If you prefer to pay by check, visit our website, download a membership form, and mail it in. For questions regarding your membership status, contact [email protected].
Scheduled Speakers and Events
Due to the Coronavirus situation, we are making a video of a previous meeting presented by Mark Peterson available to our members, titled: 
MARK PETERSON has been in product development for over 30 years in a variety of industries and products and runs the HIA 3rd Wednesday Confidential Special Help meetings where everyone signs a NDA and members can get help on their specific ideas they are developing. Mark’s presentation will focus on the general steps to take for developing an idea in the pursuit of getting it to the market and things to consider when determining whether to go the licensing route or venturing to be an entrepreneur/manufacturer. The discussion will emphasize the licensing aspects as most inventors may want to pursue that route.
Not a member?…Not a problem…First CLICK HERE To Join or Renew your Membership, Then click this link to watch the Meeting:
Videos of Our Past Meetings
We are making videos of our past speaker’s presentations available upon request for free via email to paid members only, so even if you live too far away to attend our monthly meetings you can benefit by becoming a member. To become a member, Click the link above to pay online or download a Membership Form, fill it out, and mail it in.
Then contact [email protected] and request a video. You will also be added to our email list to receive monthly announcements regarding upcoming meetings and topics.
We wish to you and your families a Safe, Happy, and Prosperous New Year and hope to see you at our On-Site Face-To-Face Meetings soon.
We are planning on having several great out of town speakers give presentations at some future meetings via Skype, Zoom, or other video conferencing program, and are seeking a volunteer who has a laptop and can handle the Skype or Zoom setup on our end. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Ken Roddy [email protected], or Mark Peterson [email protected]..
Speakers Needed 
We are always looking for speakers. If you have licensed, or are manufacturing and marketing your product yourself, or know of someone who has, and can share helpful information with new inventors, please contact Ken Roddy [email protected], or Mark Peterson [email protected].
Importance of Attending Meetings 
Our motto, “Inventors Helping Inventors”, expresses some of the benefits of membership and attending monthly meetings. We provide speakers having first-hand knowledge of the difficulties in getting from raw idea to marketable product that offer their success stories, and share tips on marketing your invention, and speakers that provide valuable information in technical areas, such as: protecting your idea, patent fundamentals, building prototypes, injection molding, manufacturing vs licensing, etc. At our meetings, we often connect inventors having a problem with other members who may be able to help to solve it. We take pride in being a trusted resource, and do our best to protect inventors from invention marketing/development scams.
Have you been to our Houston Inventors Facebook Group Page? The purpose of the Group Page is to provide an interactive forum or message board where members can comment on speakers, meetings, ask questions, make suggestions, provide feedback, receive help, etc. Bill Kopitzke and Mark Peterson are the main administrators. The “Group” page is different from a regular Facebook “Page”, in that you can’t get there by “liking” or being a “friend”…you have to “Join” the group to participate. Group members must be approved or added by other members. To “Join” the group, if you are logged in on Facebook, you can click the “Join” button at the top of the page.
On-Site Meetings are held at:
6400 BISSONNET (One block west of Hillcroft in Bayland Park)
If you have questions about your membership status,
please contact [email protected]
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